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Click here to install ClickUp to your Sentry organization. If you are in your Sentry account: 

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Integrations

  3. Install ClickUp

You will be taken to ClickUp where you can set a default list for your Sentry items to be created in.

Create a ClickUp task from Sentry

In a Sentry error, select Link ClickUp Issue  from the right sidebar.

Create a ClickUp task by selecting which List you want the task to go to and updating any additional information.

The task will automatically be sent to the ClickUp List you selected.

Link a ClickUp task from Sentry

  1. Select Link ClickUp Issue

  2. Search the task you want

  3. Save changes

When you go to the task you selected, you will see a message from Sentry with the issue attached.

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