Use templates for marketing teams

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The ClickUp Template Center offers a number of premade Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, Docs, views, and Checklists, and these can be used for a number of workflows.


Some of the template types that we recommend for marketing teams are:

Space template

The Marketing Teams Space template can be used to create a ready-to-use Space in your Workspace with the settings and items that we recommend.


When you select Use Template, the chosen template will be applied and you will not be able to reverse the changes. 

Task template

We recommend using task templates to enable reusable processes such as creative projects, creating and running campaigns, and more! By using task templates for your marketing team, you'll make your team more productive.


To use task templates, you can use the Templates Folder found in the Marketing Teams Space template, search for a template in the Template Center, or create your own


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