Use Voice Clips on mobile

You can use Voice Clips on the ClickUp mobile app.

What you'll need

  • Voice Clips are available on every ClickUp plan.
    • If you're on the Free Forever Plan, Voice Clip recordings use storage space.
  • Guests with comment permissions and above can create Voice Clips on mobile.
  • Voice Clips have a 20-minute limit.

Record a Voice Clip on mobile

You can send Voice Clip comments in the mobile app. To do so:

    1. Open a task's Comments tab.
    2. At the bottom, tap Comment
    3. Tap the microphone icon.
    4. Record what you'd like to say.
    5. To end the recording, tap the checkmark on the right.

      You can add additional text, images, or attachments alongside your Voice Clip.

    6. Tap the send icon on the right.

Screenshot of someone about to send a Voice Clip on the mobile app.

Adjust playback speed and skim through Voice Clips

You can adjust the playback speed of a Voice Clip by tapping the 1x button to the right of the audio wave. Playback options currently include 1x, 2x, and 3x speed.

You can skim through Voice Clip messages by dragging your finger throughout the Voice Clip wave file.


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