Use Automations for software teams

ClickUp Automations can help to save your software team time and make them more efficient. 
These are a few of the Automations that we recommend for software teams: 

Apply a template

Use an Automation to apply a common template to new tasks that are created in your Software Teams Space. You can configure the template so that it captures key details that will help to prioritize the work. 
If you'd like to create this Automation in your own Workspace, first you'll need to create a template
Once your template has been created, the Automation trigger and action should look like this: 
Screenshot of an Automation that applies a teemplate when a task or subtask is created.

Add tasks to multiple Lists 

We recommend building an Automation that uses Tasks in Multiple Lists to add newly created tasks to multiple locations in your Workspace. 
For example, when a bug Form is submitted, a task is created in the Complete Bug Tracking List which is used as the single source of truth for all defects. 
After the bug task has been added to the complete List, you can configure an Automation that also adds it to the Bug Tracking List in the relevant Squad Folder so that the appropriate team can begin the process of solving it. 
If you'd like to create this Automation for your Workspace, the Automation trigger, condition, and action should look like this: 
To learn more about creating Automations in ClickUp, check out this article


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