Move data between Workspaces using Templates

You can move information between Workspaces by publicly sharing a template. If you're looking to move Spaces within a Workspace, see the Move or hide Spaces article.

What you'll need

  • Sharing templates publicly is available on all ClickUp plans.
  • Guests can't publicly share templates.

Publicly share a template

To share a template with another Workspace:
  1. Save a template of the items you want to move to another Workspace.
    • For example, if you want to move an entire Space, create a Space template.
  2. Share the template publicly by accessing the template in your Template Center and clicking Share.
  3. Copy the template public URL.
  4. Switch to your second Workspace.
  5. Go to the template public URL you copied and choose the location in your second Workspace where you want to apply the template.
  6. After moving information between Workspaces, you can make the template in your original Workspace private.

Space Template limitations

When sharing a Space template, the following information will not be included:
  • Task Created Dates
  • Task IDs
  • Views that have public links will need to be turned on again after the transfer
  • Mind Maps in blank mode
  • Time Tracked
  • @ Mentions to or from a user who isn't in the new Workspace
  • Task History data
  • Templates

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