Automations FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Automations.

Why isn't my Automation working?

If a specific Automation isn't working, there are a few things you can check:

  • Is the Automation still active?
  • Did the task or event meet the Trigger criteria?
  • Is there another Automation running at the List, Folder, or Space level?
  • Did you exceed your monthly usage limit?
  • For Task created Automations triggering status or assignee updates:
    • Does the status exist?
    • Does the assignee have access to the Automation location?

If you're still having trouble with Automations, please contact customer support through the ClickUp app.

If you'd like your Automations to trigger in a specific order, we recommend making the first Automation's action trigger the second Automation. 

Why isn't my email Automation working?

If an email Automation isn't working, your email account may need to be reauthorized. Try the following:

  1. In the location of your Automation, open a task.
  2. Click the comment area.
  3. Select the email icon.
  4. In the From section, click the email address.
  5. Click Manage accounts.
  6. Hover over the inactive account and select Restore account.
  7. Complete the remaining prompts to authorize your email account. 

Once you've reauthorized your email account, test your Automation. 

Why is my Automation taking so long?

Automations should run almost instantly. Sometimes, they might take longer than usual to complete.

Please contact customer support through the ClickUp app if your Automations appear to be delayed.

Why don't I see the Automate button in my Workspace?

 In order to see the Automate button, a Workspace owner or admin must first enable the Automations ClickApp the Workspace settings. Guests cannot set up Automations.

Do Automations run in a specific order based on Hierarchy? For example, will a Space Automation run before a Folder Automation in the same Space?

No, there is no order based on Hierarchy.

Do Automations run in a specific order based on how you created them in a view? For example, I created 10 Automations on the same List. Will the first Automation I created run before the last Automaton?

No, there is no order based on when Automations were created.

Do Automation Actions run in a specific order?

Yes, Automations run in the order in which you put your Actions.

Why is there information missing on the Lists, tasks, or subtasks created by my Automation? 

A: If the items created by an Automation are missing information, make sure that the same ClickApps are enabled in each location. 

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