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Introducing the New Search & Command Center

First off, thank you to everyone who shared feedback and upvoted the request to improve our search functionality. 🙏 We are super excited to announce we've completely revolutionized search by including more sophisticated indexing and rankings, and so much more! This means you get faster, more relevant search results that makes finding what you need a breeze.
Harness the power of the new ClickUp Search by navigating to the search icon in the left sidebar or do it instantly with a keyboard shortcut. Simply type CMD+K (Mac) or CTRL+K (PC) from anywhere within ClickUp and the new Search & Command Center will appear. 🪄
Start typing what you're looking for and see highly relevant results populate right before your eyes. 👀 Looking for that latest Whiteboard jam session? No problem! Use the Object filters at the top of the modal to search within tasks, Docs, Whiteboards, Dashboards, Chats, Files, or People.
The powerful filters don't stop there! One of the top requested capabilities was the ability to narrow results by Created by Me or Assigned to Me. So we've added those filters, in addition to task Status: active, archived or closed. Stop navigating through Spaces, Folders, various Lists, and start searching! With just a quick keyboard shortcut you can find exactly what you need instantly.

Run Commands with Ease

We didn't just stop at search. We also rebuilt the Command Center and combined it with Search to create a single sleek interface for searching & running commands. 
Want to create something new super fast? Within the Search & Command center start typing Create and options will appear to create a new task, Doc, or reminder. To see the full list of commands simply type / in the search bar and see all you can do! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 🍋

Other Improvements

Drag & Drop Table Rows & Columns

It's finally here! 🎉 We're pleased to share that you can now easily drag and drop columns and rows to move content around as needed. Not familiar with adding a table? No worries – simply use the Slash Command /table to insert a table in any area that supports long text (e.g., Docs, task descriptions, Notepad, Chat, etc.) Add columns and rows, input your data, then drag and drop as needed to make it perfect. 😄

Special Highlight

Our Help Center got an upgrade! We're sporting a new design with better categories, smarter search, and a new interface to make your experience more delightful. Find answers & how-tos for every ClickUp feature. Check it out now!

Speed and Performance Improvements

Take a peek at some of the ongoing improvements we've made toward making ClickUp the most powerful, and fastest, productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜
This week's highlights:
  • Change a value in a calculation column and see it recalculate instantaneously 🧮
  • Create a task and see it populate in the right spot regardless of sort or group by settings ↕️
  • See the auto-progress bar update in realtime in Board view as you complete subtasks 🔋
  • Experience faster load times and lower latency thanks to reduced memory consumption 🧠
  • Switch between Doc pages faster than ever, especially with large Docs that have multiple pages 📄

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the platform this week! 🐛 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes.



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