Guide to Switching to 2.0

On March 6th, we will no longer be supporting ClickUp 1.0 and all accounts will automatically be upgraded to ClickUp 2.0. Check out this video for upgrade instructions and a product tour! 

If you've been using ClickUp 1.0, this doc will explain everything you need to know to move to ClickUp 2.0. This latest version brings all the elements you need to be SUPER productive with your work, together in one place, and it is absolutely free to switch!


Along with providing the project management features that you are familiar with, like statuses, custom fields, and Goals, ClickUp 2.0 is the convergence of the most powerful productivity and collaboration tools available, with Docs, Inbox, Chats, Dashboards, Automations, and more, altogether right in one place!


The general UI has been redesigned, tons of functionality has been added, and some of the terminology has changed.


Note: ClickUp 1.0 will no longer be supported with bug fixes.


How to Switch to 2.0

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be a Team owner to make the switch

  1. Click your Team avatar menu

  2. At the top of the dropdown, click Try ClickUp 2.0 

  3. Complete the checklist to familiarize with the changes

  4. Let us know what you think through the in-app feedback form in your new team avatar menu

New Terminology

Team -> Workspace

ClickUp 2.0 is designed for you to bring everything into one Workspace. Split up teams into spaces, user groups, etc. It's up to you! When you bring it all into your Workspace you'll have every detail at your fingertips. 


Projects -> Folders

Projects are now called Folders. What's cooler about Folders? They're just groups of Lists, and they're no longer required. Now, you can create Lists that live on their own, without a parent project (or folder). 


List Details -> List Info

We've completely re-designed List Details which is now called List Info. Now, you're able to assign a Workspace member to own a List, give it a priority, add watchers to the List, and receive notifications for any updates!


Users -> People

You might notice that where we used to refer to users, we now call them people. These are still the same Workspace members and guests, just renamed for clarity.


Team vs. Me Dashboards -> Everyone vs. Me Modes 

In ClickUp 2.0 we wanted to give more clarity into how this works. It's more of a toggle than an entire dashboard, and me mode essentially operates as an advanced filter. Task counts in the sidebar when viewing Me Mode will not change depending on if tasks are being filtered out. 


Familiar Feature Improvements


  • Set custom fields and custom statuses on the List level

  • Lists do not need to be grouped into Folders


These are now even more customizable. 

  • Required Status Names - NO MORE! Change the names of your Open and Closed statuses.

  • Color: Set any color you wish for Open statuses. We've required that Closed statuses remain green for consistency across the platform. 

Custom Fields

These have gained an all-new power in ClickUp 2.0. We've added new fields and even a way to track the progress of a task! Additionally, now you can save columns in views so that everyone has the same view! Here are some of the new fields:

  • Labels

  • People

  • Tasks

  • Progress (automatic or manual)

  • Rating

  • Files

  • Formula


Keep your favorite views at your fingertips. Favorites now act like bookmarks for the views you've saved. Quickly jump back to your favorite location with your ideal view. 


Task Views

These are different ways of viewing your tasks. What's new about that? In ClickUp 2.0, each view is so customizable, you'll want to save a version of the view you've set up. With new task groupings, sorting options, and fine-tuned filters, you get to see exactly what you want in a whole new way. 


Also in 2.0, you start with just List view to keep things simple. If you want more views, just add them! You can name views, drag and drop them, set them as defaults, and even protect them so no one makes unwanted changes! 


List View

  • Group your tasks by status (this used to be your only option), assignee, priority, tag, or due date, and choose the order of these groups. 

  • Show all subtasks under their parents, by themselves, or just keep them hidden. No more sorting and filtering to see subtasks. 

  • Add calculations to your columns. Have a column of time estimates? ClickUp will tell you the sum, average, or range of all estimated time in that column.

  • Drag and drop columns to re-order your List view.

  • Export all tasks in List or Table View, or just the ones you've filtered for. We even let you choose the date format in the export file (Business Plan and above feature)

Board View

  • Group your tasks by status (this used to be your only option), assignee, priority, tag, or due date, and choose the order of these groups. 

  • Show all subtasks under their parents, by themselves, or just keep them hidden. No more sorting and filtering to see subtasks.

  • Show Custom Fields on tasks.

Calendar View

  • Set up a view so that you always come back to the same date. Perfect for planning a conference in the future. 

Gantt View

  • Gantt View is now built around the location you add the view in the hierarchy. This is great when you want to see a Gantt for a specific Folder or List. 

Tons more coming very soon! 


Page Views

Page views are a completely new concept and let you add additional resources alongside your tasks. Here we'll discuss each type of page view.



Chat Views are where you'll chat about items unrelated to a specific task. 


  • Add conversations alongside any group of tasks to keep everyone in the loop.

  • These involve attachments, notifications, unfurled tasks, and more!


Create docs, wikis, and knowledge bases anywhere in ClickUp.


  • Each doc is flexible, organized, and allows an unlimited number of pages. 

  • Docs are also sharable. Create a public link to your docs to share with your friends or Google! 


Add other platforms into your Workspace with just a few clicks.


  • Embed via URL - Apps like Google Sheets, YouTube, Twitter, Evernote, and more allow you to embed their entire app via a simple URL.

  • Embed via HTML - We give you the power to customize your embed. Adjust your embed with a little HTML. Great for apps like Spotify, Airtable, and Typeform.


With Inbox, you have one simple way of viewing all of your work for the day, past, and future. 


Create reminders for yourself or delegate them to other people. This allows anyone to quickly turn thoughts into full tasks! 


Inbox also powers how you prioritize your day. Easily schedule your tasks so you know just what to work on and when. 


What's even cooler? You can see everyone else's Inbox in their Profile.



Boost your productivity with new ClickApps! Instead of the 10 ClickApps you use in ClickUp 1.0, you now have access to 37 ClickApps, including emailing from ClickUp, nested subtasks, Docs home, collaborative editing, and more!



Every member of your Workspace has a profile! Here you'll be able to check their schedule, see what they're working on now and next, and even delegate reminders! 


Access a person's profile from anywhere in the app. For example: when selecting a task's assignee, in your notifications feed, or from task activity items. 




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