Release 2.132

Introducing Filter Groups (And/Or Logic)

Productivity is our middle name! πŸ’ Which is why we've added new filter groups with AND or OR logic, so you can manage a ton of tasks with ease and surface the right tasks in the right way for maximum productivity.


Adding a filter group is super helpful when you have a lot of tasks and need to visualize ones that fall into multiple criteria. Let's say you have a master task view for a cross-functional project, but you want to see tasks owned only by your team AND have a high OR urgent priority. 🚦


Visualizing these tasks in this scenario is super easy with filter groups. 😊 Simply navigate to the filter button in your view, hover over + Add filter to reveal the + Add group button. Select + Add group and start filling in the group criteria using AND or OR logic to surface the relevant tasks.

Animation of Nested Filters.

Miro Integration

Using Miro? We have news for you! πŸ’› We're excited to announce we've leveled up our Miro integration to help turn your ideas into action. Now you can add existing ClickUp tasks to Miro boards, and convert Miro objects into ClickUp tasks! And with a two-way sync, you can get your work done from anywhere. Edit tasks in Miro, or in ClickUp, and see the updates reflected instantly across both platforms!

Screenshot of the ClickUp Miro integration.

Speed and Performance Improvements

This week we're continuing our never-ending quest to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 πŸ’œ

This week's highlights:

  • See updates made on a task via Github, GitLab, or BitBucket instantly ⚑

  • Update Sprint Points on a List view and see the changes reflected in real-time ⏲️

  • Delete tasks with the Bulk Action Toolbar and see them removed from the List view immediately ⏭️

  • View Folder color or position changes, and List name updates in the Sidebar without refreshing 🌈

  • Set priority in a Gantt view using the Bulk Action Toolbar and see the updates on the spot 🧰

  • Enjoy more reliable Docs and task with improvements to memory performance πŸ“

  • Unveil superior performance when interacting with List views thanks to optimized processing power πŸ’»

Other Improvements

Convert a Note into a Doc

Have you ever wanted to convert your notes into a Doc with one simple click? Well, now you can! Create a note, and in the bottom right you'll see a few options listed. Choose the Convert to Doc button (it looks like a Doc icon), and BAM! Your notes are now living in a new Doc - with formatting intact! πŸ’₯


Custom Email Permissions

Admins or owners of Business Plus and Enterprise Workspaces that have the Email ClickApp enabled can specify whether a user has the ability to connect an email account or send emails in ClickUp. πŸ“¨


Fuzzy Logic Added to @Mention Search

With fuzzy matching added to @mentions search, you can type the first couple letters of anyone's first/last name or their initials and ClickUp will narrow the list in real-time. This makes finding exactly who you want to tag faster! It's especially helpful if you have team members with the same first name! πŸ“›


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the platform this week! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes.




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