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Dynamic Dates for Automations

Due dates changing at a rapid pace? We hear ya! 🤪 Now, you can set up your Automations with dynamic dates to reflect the ever-changing due dates of an Agile team.


Once an Automation has been set to change due date, select a dynamic date in the value field such as 7 days later. Then, just sit back and relax - we’ll update your task for you when the time is right 😎.



'Change Date' Automation Action Improvement

We've made it easier than ever to change start and due dates in your ClickUp Automations by simplifying the options.



New 'Task Added to List' Automation Trigger

If you utilize Tasks in Multiple Lists, there's a new Automation trigger just for you! ✨ Now, you can trigger Automations when a task is added to a list for further customization!


Additionally, we've updated the Moved to this location trigger to only fire when an existing task is moved to a new List, rather than when a new task is created in a List.



See All Resolved Doc Comments

Create better visibility amongst your team 👀 with new and improved comment viewing. View all resolved comments in one glance by clicking show # resolved comments at the bottom of your Open comments! 🎉



Bug Fixes

Fixed: Submitter of a Form was appearing as a ClickBot in Activity

Fixed: UX for "Change start/due date" was not straightforward

Fixed: Clicking on a user in Dashboards timesheet was giving an error

Fixed: Not able view tasks assigned to teams in Timeline view when grouped by assignee

Fixed: Slack integration was sending updates from private folders

Fixed: Highlighting text would snap the view port up to the top

Fixed: Unavailable tasks were displayed in time tracking

Fixed: Widget search filter would break if a user went back after opening widget choice

Fixed: Google SSO OAuth was not working correctly with custom Whitelabel URLs

Fixed: Auto progress required custom field UX

Fixed: UX for task view

And many more... 🐛



Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Redesign of task view header

  • Work on Home

  • Continued refining Custom Field editors

  • Revamped settings menu & refinements

  • Added share extension for iOS

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