Release 2.125

Embed Board View in Docs, Comments, Notepad, & Task Descriptions

Have you seen our new and improved Docs yet? 🤓 In Release 2.105, we launched Docs 3.0 to bring you more powerful and intuitive Docs with tons of new features. Even the most die-hard Google Docs and Notion fans have converted… now it's your turn. 😉

In this week’s release, we’ve added the ability to embed any Board view directly into any Doc in addition to Notepad, Task Descriptions, or Comments. To embed a Board view, simply type the /Slash Command /bview then select the Space/Folder/List location of your choosing.

Once your Board view has been embedded, you can directly edit it, including group, sort, filter, and show Subtasks. Oh, and did we mention you can also open + edit ANYTHING on the task cards too? That’s right - tags, title, assignees, due dates, priorities, and more. Plus, drag and drop task cards from one column to another, all without leaving the embedded view. 💃

If you’re a team that leverages Docs for strategy planning and Board view for executing, then you’re going to love this new improvement. Our Product team has found this feature especially useful for alignment and execution surrounding Milestones within an epic. And with the ability to use this across any text location within ClickUp, the possibilities are endless. 🧨


Continue Numeric Bullet Ordering After Adding New Elements

We've added the ability for numbered lists to continue even after adding another element between numbered items! This means that if you have 3 numbered bullets and you add another element like a banner, the next bullet will continue in the same order.

Got an SOP that requires images or videos between numeric bullets? Or, how about a strategy doc that needs columns to support each point? Whatever your use case or favorite /Slash Command, we’ve got you covered. This can be applied in any Doc, task description, Notepad, or comment! 📔


Speed and Performance Improvements

This week we're continuing our never-ending quest to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜

This week's highlights:

  • See Custom Field changes made using the Multitask Toolbar immediately, without needing to refresh 🚤

  • Archive or restore Spaces in your Workspace settings and see changes immediately 🚅

Other Improvements

Drag and Drop Images and Files to Notepad

Notepad is your one-stop-shop for any top-of-mind idea, meeting notes, daily to-do lists, and more. This week, we've made an enhancement - now you can add any image or file to your Notepad via drag and drop or the /attach Slash Command!

Got a screenshot you want to add to your notes? Add the screenshot before the preview even disappears from the bottom right of your screen. What about that new file you just downloaded? Simply drag it directly from your Finder or Folder in seconds.

PractiTest Integration

PractiTest is a test management solution that lets you create, run, and manage all tests and QA efforts. With this two-way integration, you'll automatically receive updates from your PractiTest tasks directly into ClickUp. Changes made to task names, descriptions, and statuses will sync directly to your ClickUp Workspace. This way, all teams are in sync and you can assure full QA coverage and project manager control over the project state.

Assign Comments in Notifications

Now, you can assign comments directly from the Notifications page without opening the task at all! Plus, edit assigned comments to either remove an assignee altogether or re-assign it to another member in your Workspace.

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the platform this week! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes.




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