Release 2.114

Quick Create on Whiteboards [Beta]

Previously, flowcharting and diagramming on Whiteboards wasn't easy - you had to go back to the toolbar to manually add then align each new shape you wanted to add. But have no fear, an improvement is here! 🦸

This week, we implemented an incredibly useful feature that will make your Whiteboard diagramming experience a breeze! 💆 Objects on your ClickUp Whiteboard now have a quick-create + button on each side so you can easily add auto-aligned objects at nearly the speed of thought! 🧠

🛠️ Simply hover over any sticky note or shape to see the buttons, then click one to create a new object (on any free side) with a fully adjustable drag-n-drop connector ready to go! 🤯 Click once to add another object or click-and-drag to for easy curved connections. In addition, you can also drag two separate objects together to connect them automatically!

Note: Using the quick create button on a connection-less sticky note will produce an adjacent connection-less sticky note. If a sticky note has an existing connection to another object, clicking the quick create button will produce an auto-connected sticky note. Clicking quick create on shapes always produces an auto-connected shape.


Paste Text & Images on Whiteboard [Beta]

Looking for a way to eliminate unnecessary steps while becoming a ClickUp Whiteboards pro? 💁‍♀️ Now, you can copy anything to your clipboard and paste it directly to your Whiteboard - without having to first create an object via the toolbar! Simply copy your desired text, URL, or image then paste it directly into your canvas and you'll be on your way! 🥇


Speed and Performance Improvements

Our never-ending quest to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet continues! 🌎 💜

This week's highlights:

  • The Simple Sidebar Layout components have been enhanced for speedy responsiveness ⛵

  • Assignee changes will be reflected automatically - no refresh required! 🏃

  • Comments will now appear immediately 😱

  • Subtasks created on Board view will appear faster than ever before 🐎

  • Edits made in List Info will now appear instantly 🚗

  • Immediately see deleted Doc comments disappear - no more lingering! 🌈

Other Improvements

Link to Doc Comments

Previously, links could only be generated for an entire Doc or individual Doc pages. For all our content editors out there, this made it difficult to align asynchronously on specific edits in a Doc. Now, you can generate links for specific comments in a Doc! Once a comment is created, click the ... menu button for that comment to create a link, then send away! 🤩

Switch Workspaces & Open Favorites in Command Center

Tired of opening Settings to find your Workspaces? Too many clicks to select your Favorites? Now you can open Command Center with CMD/CTRL + K, and type Switch Workspace or Open Favorites to perform these actions on the fly - no mouse clicks required! ⌨️

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the platform this week! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes.




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