Release 2.106

ClickUp Verified

Enthusiastic about ClickUp? Build your ClickUp expertise and get verified to earn exclusive opportunities such as:


✅ Custom Badges in your Workspace

✅ Exclusive ClickUp verified swag

✅ Access to ClickUp's Community Managers for exclusive opportunities


Now that ClickUp Verified is live, we'll be verifying the top 1% of power users and the top 10% in the near future!


You can look forward to receiving an email confirming your verification and your Workspace badge(s) will be automatically added starting next week!



Favorite Docs and Pages

Looking for easy access to your most important resources? Skip the search and quickly find the information you need by favoriting your Docs and pages! 🎉


Previously, you could only favorite a Doc view. Now you can favorite Docs and pages directly, and access them in seconds from your Workspace Sidebar!


To favorite a Doc, simply select the ⭐ icon located in the top right of your Doc. Give it a new name (or use the original name) then select the Save favorite button.


To favorite an individual page, open your page settings in the Left Sidebar using the ... button, select Favorite, give it a new name or use the original, and select Save favorite.



Speed & Performance Improvements

We're releasing speed and performance enhancements every other week, sometimes more often, in our continued effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜


This week's highlights:

  • Faster loading time for larger Docs 📃

  • Loading Documents with multiple embeds is now lightning-quick ⚡

  • Amplified data sync so creating Folders in the Sidebar no longer required a refresh 🚗 💨

  • Improved updating the status and date of a recurring task without requiring a refresh ♻️

  • Enhanced data sync so that it no longer requires a refresh to view duplicated subtasks on List view ✏️

  • Optimized data sync so that it no longer requires a refresh when changing the status of a nested subtask ✅

Other Improvements

Export Time in Status from List & Table View

Previously, exporting a List view only gave you the Time in Status for the current status. Now, we've given you the option to export the Time in Status for the current status or the total Time in Status for each status—no API required! 😎


Improved Location and View Settings Menus

We've updated our menu options to simplify your Space, Folder, List, and View settings! A slimmed-down menu now provides easy access to the options you use most, including Templates, Sharing, and moving tasks. 🤩


Additional Update: In accordance with GDPR, we are required to notify you that we've added two sub-processors, Sendgrid and Zendesk.


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we've eliminated key bugs this week. 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown of some of the top fixes:



Fixed: Location Custom Fields did not display the Location value on tasks created by Automations

Fixed: Setting a due date using the Trigger Date option would set due dates prior to the start dates

Fixed: Unable to create or save Automations that set a text Custom Field using a variable



Fixed: Rollup Time Estimates were not displayed when subtasks were hidden in Workload view

Fixed: Unable to add or move Doc views to Everything level

Fixed: Move to option was not available to Doc views

Fixed: Unable to add national holiday calendars to Calendar view

Fixed: Deleting a view right after creating it displayed an error message



Fixed: Creating a new Doc from the Sidebar did not create a new Doc

Fixed: Guests were unable to use Doc tags

Fixed: Duplicating a Doc did not include Doc tags

Fixed: Using drag and drop to reorder pages did not save changes

Fixed: Unable to align text, use inline code formatting, or create toggle lists within a table

Fixed: Doc history only displayed the most recent changes

Fixed: Moving a doc into its own subpage permanently deleted the doc and subpage

Fixed: Protected Docs could not be exported

Fixed: Removing content that included a comment also deleted the comment

Fixed: Copying and pasting items into a numbered list incorrectly indented the first pasted item

Fixed: Right sidebar was displayed in Docs modal view

Fixed: Unable to import HTML files

Fixed: Copying and pasting text did not retain font color or highlighting

Fixed: Highlighted text was not highlighted in the publicly shared version of a Doc

Fixed: Opening a comment on items in a closed toggle list did not expand the toggle list

Fixed: Toggle lists did not stay open or closed when closing and reopening a Doc

Fixed: Sticky table of contents did not highlight the correct heading when scrolling

Fixed: Comments pop up did not disappear when clicking away from the selected text

Fixed: Docs Sharing option was not available in Clean and Modern layouts

Fixed: Browser froze when dragging and dropping a Doc in Sidebar in Clean layout

Fixed: Opening a direct link to a Doc in the Sidebar opened the default view for that location

Fixed: Emoji added to pages were cut off



Fixed: Unable to drag and drop Folders in the Sidebar

Fixed: Unable to apply task templates when remapping dates

Fixed: Notepad notes did not sync between web and mobile

Fixed: People settings page would infinitely load

Fixed: Unable to apply publicly shared List templates in Folders

Fixed: Hovering over an inactive user to display their profile card resulted in an error


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