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[NEW] Whiteboards (Beta)

Whether you're brainstorming ideas, mapping out projects, or playing an intense game of Hangman, ClickUp Whiteboards enable your team to collaborate together closely, even when you're all far apart! Anything you can do on a physical whiteboard, you can do here, including:


Brainstorm, design, and connect your ideas 🎨

With an infinite canvas and an unlimited imagination, you can create designs, detailed flowcharts, and in-depth project plans with ease. Choose from a variety of drawing tools, objects, colors, and connectors to bring your ideas to life!



Make virtual meetings super productive 🙌

Spice up your meetings by immersing your team in a rich, highly collaborative virtual environment. See your teammates' edits + cursor movements in real-time to brainstorm, formulate plans and map out projects as if you were all in the same room!


Turn ideas into actions 💡

Ever run a brainstorming session with your team only to find the brilliant ideas you come up with are never acted upon? 😤 Never again! With ClickUp Whiteboards, you can add new (or existing) tasks to your canvas to seamlessly bridge the gap between ideation and execution. Coming soon is the ability to create tasks directly from canvas objects with the click of a button!





Upload images & website bookmarks 🖼️ 🔖

Add images to your canvas to provide rich context to your brainstorms. 📷 Create visual bookmarks alongside your content to easily reference relevant web resources. 🌐



Hotkey shortcuts ⌨️

Save time with hotkey shortcuts! In any Whiteboard view, click the ? button to view hotkey shortcuts to quickly add or edit objects on your canvas! You can also use our new Command Center to navigate to existing Whiteboard views and access more shortcuts!


Get started with ClickUp Whiteboards 🚀

ClickUp Whiteboards are available as a view in any Space, Folder, or List. Simply choose the location you wish your Whiteboard view to live, then select the +View button and click Whiteboard to add it!


With our new Whiteboards, we're not only revolutionizing the way you work, but we're also redefining team collaboration! Welcome to the future of productivity. 🚀


Note: Stay tuned for new features that further marry your creativity and productivity. We'll be adding new features and making improvements weekly!


Speed & Performance Improvements

We're releasing speed and performance enhancements every other week, sometimes more often, in our continued effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜


This week's highlights:

  • Boosted performance when loading recently accessed Doc pages 📄

  • Faster loading speeds when navigating to URLs for high-level pages such as Docs Home and Notifications ⚡

  • Optimized data sync so that it no longer requires a refresh when updating Relationship Rollups 🔗

  • Enhanced data sync so that it no longer requires a refresh:

    • To see changes when updating task details through a /Slash Command ✅

    • When creating Spaces in the Sidebar from templates 🔁

    • When adjusting due dates on Mobile 📅

Other Improvements

Profile Cards

Grab quick access to any member's details with Profile cards! Simply hover over a teammate's name, Workspace avatar, or @mention to reveal their local time, ClickUp Verified badges, online status, and email. You can also click the View Profile button to view their full Profile! 👥


Click to Edit Public Docs

Ever catch a spelling mistake when viewing a public Doc? Fix those errors faster than ever with the option to convert to editing mode on public Docs! As long as you're logged into your Workspace and have the correct permissions, you'll be able to click the Edit Doc button on the top right of a public Doc and will be redirected to ClickUp to make your edits! 🤩


Additional Update: In accordance with GDPR, we are required to notify you that we've added a sub-processor, Workato.


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we eliminated key bugs in the platform this week! 🚫 🦠


Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:


Fixed: Unable to expand all subtasks in task view

Fixed: Progress (Auto) Custom Fields did not update when nested subtasks were marked done or closed

Fixed: Calculating a Custom Field column did not include subtasks when subtasks were shown separately or expanded

Fixed: Subtasks created from task view were not shown until additional subtasks were created

Fixed: Time in Status field did not reset when task statuses were updated

Fixed: Pressing Return or Enter when adding new tags applied an existing tag

Fixed: Setting recurring tasks to do not recur did not remove the recurring schedule



Fixed: Creating a page from highlighted text created two pages

Fixed: Unable to use sticky table of contents in Docs shared publicly via web

Fixed: Duplicating Docs did not include (copy) in the title of the newly created Doc

Fixed: Unable to duplicate Docs located in Sidebar

Fixed: Mentioning a page in a table did not create a hyperlink

Fixed: Turning a toggle list heading into a banner removes the toggle list

Fixed: Toggle lists were expanded in Docs shared publicly via web

Fixed: Unable to assign or mention guests in nested Subtasks in Multiple Lists



Fixed: Custom Fields columns disappeared after Guests accessed views

Fixed: Box view included public sharing options

Fixed: Mind Map nodes would load inconsistently

Fixed: Using the Select all option in List view did not select all tasks



Fixed: Tapping To Do to view subtasks opened the Comments tab

Fixed: Adding a new line to a text field required a period character . or tapping the return arrow

Fixed: Notifications displayed a grey image instead of details

Fixed: Unable to set Workspace name when creating a new account

Fixed: Tapping on home screen widgets displayed a grey screen

Fixed: Unable to add pages to a new Doc view

Fixed: Trending tasks were not updated on Mobile app

Fixed: Opening Notepad after closing the app would infinitely load

Fixed: Rating Custom Fields did not display emoji

Fixed: Unable to open Relationship Custom Field from a task

Fixed: Unable to select Watcher or Assignees when adding an @ mention

Fixed: Archiving or adding a task as a favorite did not show the task as archived or as a favorite without refreshing

Fixed: Users with view-only permissions on Docs were unable to scroll down on pages

Fixed: Tapping on a page mention did not open the page

Fixed: Opening a Doc from notifications removed the navigation bar

Fixed: Creating a subtask and tapping back removed the navigation bar

Fixed: Favorites were not displayed until switching between Workspaces

Fixed: Allow notifications prompt was displayed when notifications were already allowed

Fixed: When selecting a date, incorrect dates were displayed for November

Fixed: Tasks and reminders created in Offline Mode were not created

Fixed: Protected Docs and pages were able to be edited

Fixed: Czech characters were not displayed

Fixed: Opening a comment on a Doc displayed a grey screen

Fixed: Settings menu options did not open on Android



Fixed: Unable to duplicate Dashboards with Chat, Embed, or task list widgets

Fixed: Create new button for Spaces and Folders did not create new items

Fixed: Reminders did not appear on the Agenda in Home

Fixed: Unable to search Trash for Folderless Lists

Fixed: Guests were unable to select a List when creating tasks using the +Task quick create button

Fixed: Unable to set Folder color to none

Fixed: Adding a Workspace avatar did not display the selected image

Fixed: Incorrect list indentation in task descriptions using Safari

Fixed: Direct links to comments did not display the comment


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