Release 2.103

Subtasks in Multiple Lists

Effortlessly manage your Sprints, Epics, and Goals without the clutter of unrelated tasks!

Previously, only parent tasks could be added to multiple Lists. If you had a parent task with 15 subtasks and only 1 of those subtasks related to this week's Sprint, it was frustrating and distracting to see all 15 subtasks during your Sprint cycle.

Now, plan and manage your workflow easier than ever by adding individual subtasks to multiple Lists! Just like Tasks in Multiple Lists, any changes made to a subtask will reflect in all the Lists the subtask has been added to, keeping your work synchronized at all times!

Workspace Owners and Admins can enable Subtasks in Multiple Lists by checking the option under the Tasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp. Once enabled, head over to your subtask and either select the + button next to the breadcrumbs or select the ... menu button to add your subtask to multiple Lists!





Note: Unlimited uses of Subtasks in Multiple Lists is available on our Business Plus Plan and above.

Speed & Performance Improvements

We're still focused on speed and releasing new optimizations every other week (if not faster) in our efforts to continue making ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜

This week we...

  • Enhanced the responsiveness of the Workspace Sidebar 🚤

  • Refined task view to allow faster edits of task details 👀

  • Accelerated the rendering of items in task activity 📈

Other Improvements

Pop-Up Message when Deleting Tasks in Multiple Lists

We've made it easier than ever to identify when a task has been deleted from multiple locations! 🙌 Whether you delete tasks individually or by bulk using the Multitask Toolbar, you'll now receive a message in the bottom left corner of your Workspace notifying you that you've deleted tasks from multiple Lists. 💬

The message will give you the option to Visit Trash or Undo your delete. The undo option will automatically restore the task into every List it lived in prior to being deleted.

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we took extra focus this week on eliminating key bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:


Fixed: Expanding the task description overlapped Custom Fields, subtasks, checklists and Relationships in Task view

Fixed: Github icon missing from Task view

Fixed: Unable to add to guests to a People Custom Field from Task view


Fixed: Unable to add Custom Fields to Table view at the Everything level

Fixed: Tasks in Lists under Shared with me were hidden in Board, Calendar, Timeline, and Table views

Fixed: Unable to view or add tags in Table view at the Everything level

Fixed: Guests were unable to see Custom Field columns in Table view


Fixed: Unable to collaboratively edit Docs created from a Doc template

Fixed: Exporting Docs would infinitely load

Fixed: Selecting text in Docs was delayed when the Dashlane Chrome extension was enabled

Fixed: Guests did not have access to Doc views at the Space level

Fixed: Unable to set standard or Custom Fields when creating a task from a Doc view


Fixed: Unable to log in via web browser

Fixed: Unable to select an assignee using the Automation trigger When Assignee changes

And many more... 🐛

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