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[NEW] Docs 3.0

The world's most powerful Docs are now at your fingertips. Docs 3.0 in ClickUp revolutionizes the way your team works!


If you've previously used Docs in ClickUp, this upgrade is going to blow your mind! 🤯 And if you've never used Docs in ClickUp before... you definitely won't want to miss out now!! 🚀


The new and improved Docs 3.0 makes it easier than ever before for your team to collaborate and create beautiful docs and wikis all in one place. In addition to a brand new look and feel, ClickUp Docs are now more powerful and intuitive than ever before. 💪


Unlock what your team can do with Docs 3.0 below! 🔓


Easily organize & find key Docs

Tags & New Docs Home 🏠

Never lose track of documents again! In addition to the new List View mode in the Docs Home, you can also apply tags to any Doc and search via tags in the Doc Home!


To add a tag, simply click the tag icon in the top right corner of your Doc. Tags are a great way to keep your Docs organized to either identify a Doc by collection or to signify the Doc type!


Note: There are 100 uses of Doc tags on the Free Forever, Unlimited, and Business Plans.



Workspace Sidebar 🗄️

Ensure your team has immediate access to the right company resources. Place your Employee Handbook, Onboarding Reference Guide, SOPs, and more directly in the Sidebar! Just hover over any Space or Folder and click the + icon to add any important Doc to your Workspace's Hierarchy.



View Docs how you like!

Modal vs Full Screen 🖥️

Now, when you click on a Doc linked in a task, the Doc will appear in a small modal with a cleaner, narrower look so you can view and edit more effortlessly than ever before. But don't worry, we didn't get rid of the full-screen modal. Click the expand button in the top right corner of the Doc modal to view your Doc in full for a distraction-free writing experience! 💪


Quick Access Right Sidebar 🏃

Perhaps the most notable improvement with Docs 3.0 is the new Right Sidebar! Easily access Templates, Relationships, Comments and more in addition to customizing Page Details and Doc Settings.


Upon opening a Doc or Doc view, the Right Sidebar will appear compactly as a floating toolbar. To quickly apply changes to your Doc, click on any of the Right Sidebar tabs to view the quick access menu (click anywhere on your Doc to immediately dismiss it). However, if you're looking to make multiple edits at once, just click the expand button on any Right Sidebar quick access menu and it will remain static!



Create Docs with fabulous flair!

Advanced Typography ✍️

Take your Docs to the next level with 3 new font variations in addition to custom font size, line height, paragraph spacing, and page width options! Keep it simple and select pre-populated choices or take full control with the advanced sliding scale! Like what you see? Then, apply it to all pages with just one click under the Font section!




Style and edit with ease 🧑‍🎨 🤓

New Page Details give you full control over the look and feel of your docs. New options include adding a cover image, subtitle, page icon, date updated, sticky table of contents, and more!


In addition, enable authors and contributors so you can see who created and edited individual pages. These options are entirely editable! First, make sure author/contributor is enabled via Page Details in the Right Sidebar then click on the member you'd like to edit in the header of your page!


Whether you're drafting company SOPs or sending a client proposal, your docs have never looked this good!



Create, edit, and collaborate more efficiently!

Relationships 🔗

Easily access task and link relationships in the Right Sidebar! Previously, you were only able to see task relationships at the top of your doc. Now, you can view all types of relationships (Pagelinks, Backlinks, and External Links - oh my! 🦁 🐯 🐻 ) for the current page or entire doc!



Templates 🔨

You can now easily find and apply Doc templates without ever leaving your Doc! Previously, you had to search for doc templates in the Template Center. Now, you can access any doc template directly in the new Right Sidebar!




View Stats & Focus 🧘‍♂️

Easily identify word/character count and reading time in seconds, making content creation and editing a breeze for your team. To take things to the next level, turn on focus mode so you can hyperfocus on one block of text at a time, ensuring nothing gets missed during writing or editing phases. Just open Page Details in the new Right Sidebar to view Header settings, Stats, and enable Focus mode!




Interact with projects & tasks directly in Docs!

Editable View Widgets 🆕

Previously, you could embed a read-only List view using the /list Slash Command. Now, you can update projects and tasks effortlessly, without ever leaving your doc! View and interact with any Table view directly within your meeting notes, company wikis, and SOPs - just use the /view Slash Command to embed an editable Table view!


Note: Editable List and Board view widgets coming soon!



Docs that scale with you!

Privacy, Protection, & Archiving 🔒

You have full control over how and when your document is shared, internally or externally. Previously, any Doc created in the Docs Home was automatically private, however, it wasn't always super clear to the Doc creator when a Doc was public vs private. Now, private docs are easier than ever to identify with the new label in the top right corner!


Additionally, keep your sensitive Docs protected and rest easy knowing your company wikis can scale with ease. To protect a Doc and ensure no edits are made by anyone else, enable the Protect option under the Page Details tab in the new Right Sidebar.

Best of all, you can now archive documents to ensure they're never truly lost!


Note: Protecting pages and Docs is available on the Business Plus and Enterprise plans.



Beautiful. Powerful. Intuitive.

Discover the world’s most powerful and productive docs that bring all of your work and people together in one place. Visit our help docs to get started.


QuickSwitch is Now Command Center!

Search, create, and adjust anything throughout your Workspace without ever leaving your keyboard! 🤩


Previously, you could navigate to a few locations using QuickSwitch but could not create, edit or take action on anything. Our new Command Center combines the easy navigation of legacy QuickSwitch with more location options, Quick Actions, easy task editing, and the ability to search and find anything in your Workspace! 🏃 💨


To open the Command Center from anywhere in the app, type Command + K for Mac, Control + K for Windows, or select the Command Center icon next to the Search bar in your Workspace Sidebar! ⌨️


Locate anything in your Workspace 🔎

Use the search bar at the top of the Command Center pop-up to find anything in your Workspace including:

Quickly take action ⚡

Whether you want to create a new task or start tracking time, you can do all these Quick Actions and more from the new Command Center. These Quick Actions include creating new tasks, Docs, or Reminders, recording Clips, tracking time, and opening your Notepad.


Adjust your Settings and add new integrations ⚙️

Want to be able to edit your Settings from anywhere in your Workspace? Now you can. 😎 Easily toggle your theme settings, invite new users, adjust your billing settings, add new integrations, and edit ClickApp settings on the fly!


Make edits to tasks 🎨

If you open Command Center in a Task view, you'll now be able to edit task fields more easily than ever before! Effortlessly adjust your task assignees, priorities, status, tags, and watchers in addition to tracking time, adding to another List, removing from your task tray, and sharing.


Big shout out to our friends at CommandBar for making this feature a reality!


Note: Prefer to use legacy QuickSwitch? No problem! Open Command Center and select Legacy QuickSwitch at the bottom to revert back!




Other Improvements

Unito Integration Now Available In-App

Previously, the Unito↔️ClickUp integration was only available via browser. Now, set up a 2-way sync between ClickUp and other tools easier than ever from directly within the platform!


To get started, head over to the Integrations page located under your Workspace avatar. Then, select the Unito integration and click Install. To learn more about Unito and the apps you can connect ClickUp to, click here!


Range Integration

Range enables remote and hybrid teams to check in with each other, both async and real-time. Connect your ClickUp tasks to your daily Range Check-ins to sync on your work without adding meetings to your calendar. To learn more about how this integration works, click here!


Shortcut to Paste Plain Links

Looking to paste a video or design link without automatically embedding it in your task, Doc, or comment? We've added a shortcut to give you the flexibility to paste plain links to your work by simply using Command + Shift + V for Mac or Control + Shift + V for Windows!


Additional Update: In accordance with GDPR, we are required to notify you that we added two sub-processors, Mulesoft and Qualtrics.


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we took extra focus this week on eliminating key bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:



Fixed: Tasks were not displayed in views

Fixed: Unable to drag and drop tasks in a List view when using Subtasks in Multiple Lists

Fixed: Unable to add a Table or List view to task descriptions



Fixed: Unable to turn off public sharing for Docs that were attached to a permanently deleted task

Fixed: Deleting a task with a Doc attachment did not include the Doc as a separate item in Trash

Fixed: Option to print Docs was not showing

Fixed: Docs content wouldn't load when the Collaboration ClickApp was disabled

Fixed: Couldn't view assigned comments when opening a Doc attached to a task



Fixed: When using Docs on Mobile, any changes that were made were not saved



Fixed: Strengthened login security for 2FA and SSO

Fixed: Removed duplicate button in Help Resource Center

Fixed: Unable to map custom fields when importing

Fixed: Removed error that appeared when deleting your own comment

Fixed: Couldn't expand the modal to create new Folders, Lists, and tasks when right-clicking a Space using the Clean layout.


And many more... 🐛


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