Release 2.102

Assign Teams to the People Custom Field

If you have tasks with rotating/multiple assignees from different teams, it can sometimes be difficult to identify a project owner. Well, not anymore!


Now, you can add individual members, an entire Team, and/or multiple Teams to a People Custom Field! 👥 This update is great for identifying a Team owner or even multiple Team stakeholders for a task that touches multiple cross-functional hands.


To add a Team, create a new People Custom Field or navigate to an existing one then simply select your Team! 👯‍♀️ Streamline this process even more by using Automations to automatically add Teams to People Custom Fields!



A Note from our CEO

Hey everyone! For the last few weeks, we've been keeping our focus on increasing overall performance and solving multiple, critical bugs. This type of work typically takes longer and results in less noticeable weekly updates, but we're confident we're on track to see significant speed improvements in the platform very soon!


Here's a progress report:



  • We've made several key leadership hires in engineering in the last few weeks, all of whom are leaders that have successfully tackled complex problems in past roles.

  • These new leaders will remain focused on reviewing our current processes around bugs and implementing new procedures.

  • We're also doubling down on the number of engineers we are hiring, already hiring over 10 this month!


  • We've hired 3 additional DevOps engineers so we can have specialized attention in key areas.

  • As we continue rebuilding our production infrastructure, the team is specifically focusing on the key areas that will yield increased reliability and stability.

  • We're currently prototyping new storage mechanisms on the backend to increase speed and productivity across the platform.

Search Refactoring:

  • Testing is underway in our internal environments for the new search data pipeline - this is a big win and we're seeing great initial results!

  • We'll continue to make adjustments and work to get this released for all users ASAP.


  • While we work on more holistic improvements to dashboards and notifications that take longer to test and release, we're identifying quick fixes that we can push to our users for immediate improvements.

We have a lot of work to do and we won't stop until it's done. We appreciate your feedback and support on this journey and I know we'll deliver on our promise of a reliable and stable platform to save our users time. Thank you so much for sticking by us!


💜 Zeb


Speed & Performance Improvements

We're still focused on speed and releasing new optimizations every other week (if not faster) in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎💜

This week we...

  • Enhanced responsiveness and loading speeds of the Sidebar when it contains a lot of Spaces, Folders, and Lists ⚡

  • Reduced latency and rendering in our text editor ✅

  • Amplified loading and rendering speeds of tooltips, banners, and toast messages 🏃💨

  • Decreased loading time by removing support for legacy browsers 🔥

Other Improvements

More Visibility for Protected Views

We've made it easier than ever to identify if a view is protected! After enabling Protect view via the Sharing & Permissions view settings, you'll now see a shield icon located at the top of your view tab + at the bottom right corner of your view.


If you make any changes to the view, you can click on the shield icon on the bottom right of your view to easily revert back to the view's protected state! 🔒


Note: Protecting a view is available on the Business Plan and above.


More Details for Error Codes

We've added more details to error code messages to make it clear which actions to take next. 🦸 For complex error codes, you'll now be asked to contact our Customer Support team for assistance.


Best of all, we've fixed some of the commonly recurring error codes and have more improvements to come! 🎉


Canny Integration

Canny is a third-party platform that has developed an integration to allow you to link Canny posts to ClickUp tasks. Associate your customer feedback with tasks in ClickUp and keep your customers updated with status changes to communicate priorities. To learn more about how this integration works, click here!


Additional Update: In accordance with GDPR, we are required to notify you that we added three sub-processors,, LaunchDarkly,, and updated an existing sub-processor, Amplitude.


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we took extra focus this week on eliminating hundreds of bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:



Fixed: Using the Move to List Automation converted subtasks to tasks

Fixed: Unable to view resolved Proofing comments

Fixed: Attaching a file from Box did not save the attachment

Fixed: Adding a comment with a table to the task description did not retain formatting



Fixed: Unable to view full name of nested Pages when using Relationships to link Docs and tasks

Fixed: Able to assign comments to guests who did not have access to Docs

Fixed: Pressing Enter did not create a new line above a Banner

Fixed: Copying and pasting numbered lists from a Microsoft Word doc did not retain formatting

Fixed: Checking checklist items caused the Page to scroll unexpectedly



Fixed: Filtering Dashboard widgets to a specific location and also by Status displayed Statuses from the entire Workspace

Fixed: Using column calculations on the Portfolio widget did not include archived tasks or subtasks



People and Sharing

Fixed: Transferring Workspace ownership to a user with a Custom Role did not update the user to the Workspace owner's role

Fixed: Sharing an item with a Workspace member by email address did not recognize their email address as valid

Fixed: Unable to use Team Sharing on an Enterprise Plan trial



Fixed: API calls to Get Comments only returned the 25 most recent comments

Fixed: Unable to enable Work in Progress Limits ClickApp when adding a new Space

Fixed: Moving Spaces using drag-and-drop hid the Sidebar in Clean Layout

Fixed: Threaded replies in Chat view did not send notifications


And many more... 🐛


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