Release 2.97

Improved Desktop App

Ready to be at the top of your productivity game? You just scored with our improved Desktop App! 💪


That's right—we took extra care to squash a bunch of bugs & add new features to provide you with a far superior Desktop experience! 💃


Here's a rundown on the new features we've added:

  • Create a new task from anywhere! 📝 CMD + E/CTRL + E

You can be in Chrome/Safari, checking your email, or anywhere! Simply hit CMD + E on your keyboard and you will immediately be taken to the quick create task popup in the app. Prefer a different command? Easily change the command from your Desktop settings!

  • Quickly find exactly what you need! 🔍 CMD + F/CTRL + F

If you're looking through a long Doc, large list of tasks, or even a comment chain, you can now search for specific text and be taken right to it!

  • Instantly see how many unread notifications you have! 🔴

Busy day with lots of meetings and tabs? We've added a notifications badge to the Desktop App icon to give you a quick glance at the number of notifications that are waiting for you!

  • Launch on Startup! 👩‍💻

Jumpstart your productivity! Adjust your Desktop settings to have ClickUp launch as soon as your computer boots up!

  • See time tracked anywhere you go on the menu bar! (Mac OS only) ⏰

For our time tracking power users, you can now see your timer in your Mac menu bar no matter where you are on your device.

  • Sign in to your Google account!* 🔐

A long-time annoyance is now solved! You can sign in to your Google account directly from the Desktop app to sync your Calendar, send emails, and attach files from Google Drive to tasks.

*Attaching files from Google Drive and other cloud storage services is available on the Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise plans.

  • Get notifications on your desktop! 🔔

Now you can close ClickUp on your browser and still get notifications, ensuring you don't miss anything important!

  • Lots more features rolling out over the coming months! 🥳



Other Improvements

Zoom In & Out of Attachments with Keyboard

Zoom in & out of attachments without ever leaving your keyboard! Once you've clicked on an attachment, simply use the + or - keys to zoom in & out of any attachment from the preview modal! 🔍


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we took extra focus this week on eliminating hundreds of bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:



Fixed: Comments were not included when applying a task template

Fixed: Subtasks appeared out of order on a duplicated List

Fixed: Subtasks appeared out of order when applying a template that included subtasks

Fixed: Proofing comments panel overlapped PDF task attachments

Fixed: Unable to add new Folders or Lists to Relationships after viewing Relationship Custom Fields in full screen



Fixed: List Info was only shown when grouping by Status in List view

Fixed: Icons in a Gantt view were not displayed correctly in Firefox

Fixed: Deleting a Toggle List did not delete the Toggle List's contents

Fixed: Toggle Lists used in a Form view description were formatted as plain text when viewing the Form and on the publicly shared view

Fixed: Unable to edit a duplicated Form view


Desktop App

Fixed: Unable to start a Zoom meeting from tasks or using the /zoom /Slash Command

Fixed: Unable to right click to copy and paste when using a Doc

Fixed: Adding or updating a task description did not update for other Desktop app users

Fixed: Links opened from the Desktop App opened inside the Desktop app rather than in the default web browser

Fixed: Tasks updates from Web were not reflected in the Desktop app

Fixed: Unable to install the Windows version successfully

Fixed: Unable to launch the Linux version successfully

Fixed: Unable to check for updates in the Mac version successfully

Fixed: Typing into a task title resulted in text entered backwards

Fixed: Unable to zoom in or out using keyboard shortcuts

Fixed: Unable to edit Desktop app notifications preferences in Mac system settings



Fixed: Adding a view only guest to a Team resulted in an error message

Fixed: API call GET Goals was missing a parameter to include completed Goals

Fixed: Unable to assign new tasks to guests using the ClickUp Chrome Extension

Fixed: Digital signatures were not displayed when previewing a PDF

And many more... 🐛

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