Release 2.101

Filter Views on Mobile

We've added even more customization to your workflow on-the-go. 🚗 Now, you can add filters to views on Mobile! 📲 🚗


Previously, you could only filter views on our Web app. With this update, you can create new filters and edit existing ones - anytime, anywhere! Additionally, any filter templates created on Web can also be accessed on Mobile.


To add a new view filter, start from the Explore page and simply navigate to any List, Board, or Calendar view. Then, select the View options button from your view and click on the Filter button! 🎉 🙌


Note: Creating new filter templates and using a location filter is only available on the Web or Desktop app.






Space, Folder, & List Settings on Mobile

Level up your productivity with new Space, Folder, & List settings on our Mobile app! 📲 🏃


Previously, making any changes to Space, Folder, or List settings required you to log into the Web or Desktop app. Now, quickly access your settings from anywhere! 🙌 🌎


To access the settings for a List, navigate to the Explore page then simply click into your chosen List and select the ... button in the top right. For Folders & Spaces, first select View all when on the Explore page to open a Folder or Space view then click the ... button in the top right. You can also access your Settings by simply clicking on the location's name at the top of your screen!


You'll be able to adjust the following settings in the Mobile app:



  • Duplicate, archive, show/hide a Space, add to Favorites, share link, adjust Sharing & Permissions, delete, adjust the Space owner, change the avatar, choose statuses & color.

Folders & Lists:

  • Duplicate, archive, add to Favorites, move, share link, delete, choose statuses & color.




A Note from Our CEO

Hey Everyone!


Transparently, we've been laser-focused on speed, reliability, and stability for the last 2 weeks given our focus and don't have as many noticeable updates to share. Your feedback is part of every discussion we have internally and we're confident that you will see significant improvements in the coming weeks.


Here's an update on the last 2 weeks:


  • We're still pushing forward on bugs—we're making progress, but we aren't in a great place yet

  • Engineering leadership is revamping all of our processes around bugs and we expect new procedures to be put in place within the next 1-2 months

  • Our automated test coverage is continuing to grow, leading to fewer regressions being introduced to the platform


  • We're taking a holistic look at our production infrastructure to begin rebuilding key areas to increase reliability and stability

  • These anticipated changes aren't going to be immediately noticeable but will have a lasting impact—expect more updates in the future!

Page Refresh/Data Sync:

  • We're continuing to fix critical issues with our WebSocket queues, which cause the intermittent issues that require a refresh to see changes like update tasks or changing Custom Fields

  • A dedicated team remains focused on this work and will continue until it's done

Notifications & Dashboards:

  • While we don't have many concrete updates from the last 2 weeks, we're aiming to make these improvements as holistic as possible to increase overall performance as well as solve multiple, critical bugs at once

In addition to this progress report, I wanted to share that our product team is focusing on UX research and user testing. We want the best UI and UX for our users and we will work toward that goal while engineering remains focused on reliability and stability.


As always, we appreciate all of your feedback and support! Thank you!


💜 Zeb


Other Improvements

Improved Gantt View Export

Previously, exporting a Gantt view would produce a long PDF without any options to choose what is shown on the export. Now, we've given you more control + better visualization of your Gantt view exports by adding extra customization options! 🎉


To begin your export, head over to any Gantt view and access your View Settings in the top right corner from the ... menu. Simply select the Export view button to pull up your export options. From here, you can choose between PNG or PDF as well as give your export a Header or Footer.


To quickly apply Project Name, Current Date, and/or Current Time to your export, click on the Header or Footer fields. Stay tuned for more updates to the Gantt view export coming soon!


Note: Exporting Gantt view is available on Business Plan and above.


Use System Fonts in ClickUp

Use your system's font in ClickUp! 💻 ✍️ For existing users, ClickUp will automatically display in the legacy font. To use your system's font, simply head over to My Settings under your Workspace avatar and toggle off Legacy font support.


For new users, ClickUp will automatically use your system's font. To use ClickUp's original font, simply toggle on Legacy font support from your My Settings located under your Workspace avatar.


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we took extra focus this week on eliminating hundreds of bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠


Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:



Fixed: Permissions on subtasks were not updated when adding a task to another List

Fixed: Creating a task using our ClickUp Chrome Extension did not check for required Custom Fields

Fixed: Creating a task using our API did not check for required Custom Fields



Fixed: Unable to save changes made to a Form view

Fixed: Opening a protected view displayed an error message

Fixed: Unable to export a Gantt view to PDF

Fixed: The Zoom to Fit option did not display all tasks in Gantt view

Fixed: Exporting a Gantt view from fullscreen mode created a blank page

Fixed: Exporting a Gantt view while using Safari would create a page with a large arrow



Fixed: Unable to install the Outlook add-in successfully

Fixed: Unable to attach emails to tasks using the Outlook add-in

Fixed: Images and tables were not displayed when previewing emails attached to tasks

Fixed: Unable to add required Custom Fields to new tasks

Fixed: When searching for a subtask, the task id was displayed rather than the subtask's name

Fixed: Links to ClickUp tasks from Outlook did not open in your default browser

Fixed: The Outlook add-in would infinitely load after signing in



Fixed: Unable to add attachments to tasks

Fixed: Unable to login using Google SSO if multiple Gmail accounts were available to choose from

Fixed: Unable to open tasks from Lists in the Shared with Me section

Fixed: Unable to add or remove Watchers on Chat view

Fixed: Opening Calendar view after minimizing the app displayed a connection error

Fixed: Text was cut off on smaller devices when setting up a new Workspace



Fixed: Unable to restore notes from Note history

Fixed: Changes to notes did not update between multiple browser tabs


Fixed: When using ClickUp in French, the billing settings page was blank

Fixed: Unable to add a threaded reply to comments on a Doc

Fixed: Replies to comments did not appear in the activity section of a user's profile

Fixed: Portfolio Dashboard widgets always included subtasks


And many more... 🐛


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