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Time Tracking on Mobile

Whether you're tracking design hours for a client or working on the go, the ClickUp Mobile App gives you the flexibility to track time wherever you go! 🚗


Previously, Time Tracking was only available on the legacy Mobile App, Web & Desktop App. Now, you can seamlessly track time on the latest Mobile App! Simply click the Quick Actions menu located at the bottom of your navigation bar or press the Track Time field in any task view to get started!


You choose how to track your time! ⏱️ You can:


Use the timer

  • Start your timer inside any task view (click the play button in the Overview tab of a task view) or from the Quick Actions menu in the navigation bar!

Manually track time

  • Need to add additional time on a task that wasn't tracked? Manually enter your Time Tracked by clicking on the Track Time field in the Overview tab of a task view then navigating to the Manual tab.

Set a range

  • Let us do the math for you! Set a range for the time you worked by simply clicking on the Track Time field in the Overview tab of a task view then navigating to the Range tab.

Edit the start + end dates on your time entries

  • Forgot to stop your timer? No worries! To easily edit your start + end times, navigate to the Overview tab of a task view and click on the Track Time field. Then, click the dropdown arrow to view your recorded time(s) and select the ... menu button to edit!

View multiple time entries

  • See time tracked for multiple tasks in your Workspace! Just click the Quick Action button in the navigation bar and select Track Time to view them all!

Easily switch between Web and Mobile

  • Stepping away from your computer while tracking time on tasks? Your time will continue tracking & can be viewed, stopped, paused, or edited on the Mobile App!

Continue tracking time when the Mobile App is closed

  • Accidentally closed your ClickUp Mobile App while closing out other applications? We've all been there! No worries—your time will continue to be tracked even when the Mobile App is closed!

Pro Tip: Don't see Time Tracking on Mobile? Make sure the Time Tracking ClickApp has been enabled in your Workspace settings on Web or Desktop.





A Note from our CEO

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share an update on some significant changes and updates from the last two weeks, starting with an introduction to our newly joined Head of Engineering, Shailesh Kumar!

Shailesh brings 18+ years of engineering experience to ClickUp from Tableau Software, Informatica, and Salesforce where he was most recently VP of Engineering.
I knew Shailesh was the right person for the role for many reasons, but one of the key reasons is his unrelenting commitment to performance and reliability. Our hardworking team of engineers built an incredible platform and with the addition of Shailesh, we'll quickly deliver on our promise: best in class stability and reliability while also retaining rapid pace of development and improvement in the product.

Here's an overview of some of our notable updates:

Automations are up to 18x Faster!

  • In-region Automations are now live in the US, EU, and AU regions

  • We'll continue to make small adjustments and monitor progress to continuously improve the speeds!

Focus Area: Automations Not Triggering

  • We're heavily testing several fixes for automations failing to trigger

  • We understand how important this is for our users' workflow and we're prioritizing getting this released as soon as possible

Infrastructure/Performance improvements

  • Our new Ireland server region (EU West) has been live now for about two weeks, bringing faster speeds to the European region

  • We've expanded our infrastructure capacity within existing regions to provide better speeds to our users (adding more replicas)

  • We're on a 4-week streak of no official outages or incidents!

Page Refresh/Data Sync Improvements

  • For our users that have experienced a delay in an action taking place until after a manual refresh, we have a dedicated team burning down a list of these issues and ensuring updates are actively displayed to our users (expect continuous improvements in this area for the next several weeks)

Progress on Notifications

  • Our new team that's focusing on stability and scalability has made awesome progress on refactoring the codebase for Notifications (expect this to solve several Notifications bugs)

  • 2 weeks ago I shared that the approx. timeline for this was 4 weeks and we are still working toward that goal—if we need more time, we will be sure to update all of you here

I want to thank each and every one of you reading this post right now. Everyone here that has given us feedback has helped us get to where we are today. Where we are today isn't perfect and it isn't our end-goal, but I can assure you we've made incredible progress and I'm 100% confident in what I KNOW we will accomplish very soon. We couldn't do this without you!


- 💜 Zeb

Pro BackUp Integration

Pro Backup is a third-party integration that securely stores data from your ClickUp account so you can access and restore it at any time. This integration provides daily automated backups of your Spaces, tasks, and files! To learn more about how this integration works, click here!

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we took extra focus this week on eliminating hundreds of bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:


Fixed: Mobile push notifications were not being sent

Fixed: Checklists on subtasks were only shown when the Nested Subtasks ClickApp was enabled

Fixed: Unable to use external keyboards when entering text in task descriptions or Docs

Fixed: Replies to an email sent using our Email ClickApp was missing the email content

Fixed: Tapping on a notification did not open the task

Fixed: Unable to create tasks or reminders from Android home screen widgets

Fixed: Trending and Favorites did not display tasks when opening the Mobile app

Fixed: Unable to download attachments from tasks

Fixed: Reaction notifications were not grouped together


Fixed: Unable to view Checkbox Custom Fields in Table view or when publicly sharing

Fixed: Form views embedded in Docs showed a play button in front of the Form

Fixed: Setting Priority on the last task in a Board view column hid the New Task button

Fixed: Unable to view threaded comments when expanding an Email comment in Activity view


Fixed: Highlighting text in a comment did not show all available text editing options

Fixed: Emojis included in headings were not included in the Table of Contents

Fixed: Adding a divider added two line breaks below instead of one

Fixed: Using the formatting bar to add formatting elements to the cell of a table showed Toggle List as an option in error


Fixed: Unable to copy statuses between Sprints

Fixed: Create new task shortcut resized the Desktop app window

Fixed: Creating a new option in a Dropdown or Label Custom Field when filling out the field on a task did not set the newly added option for that task

And many more... 🐛

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