Release 2.99

Additional Fields in Form View

No more manually updating tasks created from Form submissions! Save your team time with additional fields on Form view! 🎉


Previously, you weren't able to pre-fill standard fields once a task was created from a Form submission. Now, you have the option to include Status, Assignee, Time Estimates, Tags, and Sprint Points when you set up a Form!


This way, when a Form is submitted, more information can be automatically applied to the task created! 🙌


Note: Form view is available on the Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise Plan.



Easily Switch Profiles

Looking through your team's activity and tasks? Say no more! We've made it easier than ever to switch through profiles without ever leaving the Profile menu! 🙌


Previously, viewing a profile required you to click on each member's avatar—which was very tedious when you had multiple profiles you needed to view. Now, easily switch between profiles by clicking the dropdown arrow next to a member's name in their profile!


You'll also be able to quickly identify if a member is online + any Teams they are part of—all from their Profile! 🎉


Pro Tip: Don't see a member's online status? Make sure you've enabled the Who's Online ClickApp from your Workspace settings on Web or Desktop!



Speed & Performance Improvements

We're still focused on speed and releasing new optimizations every other week (if not faster) in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎💜


This week we...

  • Amplified performance and loading speeds when opening the GitHub integration from task view. 🔥

  • Enhanced loading speeds in Docs and task descriptions by only loading images and other assets once they are in view. 😎

  • Made deleting subtasks in task view no longer warrant refreshing the page to see changes. ✅

  • Increased performance when navigating between Spaces, Folders, and Lists on the Explore tab of the Mobile app. 📲

  • Made loading speeds in List view faster than ever by reducing the number of components loaded prematurely. ⚡

Additional Update: In accordance with GDPR, we are required to notify you that we added three sub-processors, Intuit, ZoomInfo, and Viable.


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, we took extra focus this week on eliminating hundreds of bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:



Fixed: Right-clicking on a task did not include a way to access the Template Center

Fixed: Subtasks did not stay in the correct order when using Templates, copying tasks, or using recurring tasks

Fixed: Using Quick Create to create tasks would show an error message

Fixed: Formula Custom Fields did not reflect the user's timezone preference when calculating the start of the week

Fixed: Start dates, due dates, and Date Custom Fields were set one day earlier on tasks created through Forms

Fixed: The Reply to email button was displayed when replying to a comment created by sending an email to a task



Fixed: Deleting a task from task view would lead you to a 404 error page

Fixed: Unable to use a Miro board URL in Embed view

Fixed: Task options menu opened in the upper left corner and could not be closed in Board view

Fixed: Opening tasks in a new tab from a List view embedded in a task description displayed a page unavailable error

Fixed: Tasks shared with a user included a Shared with Me heading above each task

Fixed: Guests were unable to browse or create new tasks in List view without refreshing



Fixed: Using spell check on bold text deleted the entire line of text

Fixed: Doc editing options were displayed while offline

Fixed: Unable to print Docs from the Desktop App



Fixed: Viewing a task and tapping on the List hid the navigation bar from the bottom of the screen

Fixed: Setting a weak password while creating an account displayed an error


Desktop App

Fixed: Unable to close a window after expanding to full screen while using the Desktop App

Fixed: The Back button in Settings was hidden behind the minimize window button when Favorites were pinned in the Desktop App



Fixed: Unable to select time range when using Sprints as the source on Sprint widgets

Fixed: When searching in the Sidebar, clicking on a Folder did not expand the Folder

Fixed: Unable to import from Basecamp

Fixed: Unable to click Show more in notifications

Fixed: Automations did not set assignees when permissions to the location were set by Team rather than for individual people

Fixed: Updating a time entry via API did not recognize "end" as a valid parameter


And many more... 🐛


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