Release 2.94

A Note from our CEO

We will keep our foot on the gas for as long as it takes to ensure the platform is stable and reliable. Rest assured, we have not lost focus on reliability and performance.


Over the last few weeks, our team has been making great net progress on bugs and huge strides with performance and infrastructure improvements. In an effort to be honest and transparent about our progress, here's what we've been working on over the last 2 months:


Internal Resources:

  • We signed one of the best engineering leaders in tech (joining us next week)

  • Hired 4 engineering managers

  • Hired 24 new engineers with a plan to hire 200+ more by the end of the year

  • Introduced a Problem Manager role to identify trends, raise critical issues, and push progression on bugs


  • Decreased overall bugs exposure by 36%

  • Reduced urgent bug count by 53% in key areas such as Automations, Dashboards, Docs, Gantt view, and more

  • Built new automated testing framework to reduce regressions

  • Introduced new automated messages when you report a bug, providing you with a Defect ID number and a status update when the bug is in progress. Feel free to use this ID when referencing your bug with our Support team!

Infrastructure & Speed Improvements:

  • Released countless speed and performance improvements, with more in the pipeline being released every other week if not faster

  • Finalized the implementation plan of in-region Automation services, improving the reliability and speed you deserve (anticipated to be done in the coming weeks)

  • Added a US East region and are in the process of adding an EU West region to increase capacity

  • Automated failover of more of our infrastructure for high availability

Moving Forward:


You'll continue to see improvements on bugs and we hope to make 5 to 10% progress every week from here on out! In addition, we are working around the clock to add additional servers & capacity to support our infrastructure needs. We expect these issues to be resolved next week & will continue proactively expanding infrastructure to avoid further issues.

I realize a post about the progress weโ€™ve made isnโ€™t enough. And it isn't enough. I want every issue to be resolved, and we won't stop until we can say that. Our actions over the coming weeks will speak much louder than these words.

I also want to acknowledge that we haven't been doing a great job keeping you all updated here and you will see a change in that immediately. Updates, good or bad, will be shared regularly every two weeks from here on out.

We will continue to work around the clock to give you the platform you deserve and we are forever grateful for your support and for sticking with us... we're closer than ever before.


- ๐Ÿ’œ Zeb

Task Reordering Improvements

If you're an avid task re-orderer, then you're going to LOVE this update. ๐Ÿคฉ Previously, if you tried re-ordering a task by dragging and dropping it into different groups (e.g. assignee, priority, etc) the task would revert to its previous location.

Our team has been hard at work solving this order indexing issue and we are excited to announce that we have successfully migrated all ClickUp Workspaces to the new order index system to fix this issue! ๐ŸŽ‰

Note: If you're still having issues with reordering your tasks, please contact our Support team at


Nested Subtasks on Mobile

Bring your Nested Subtasks on the go with the rest of your workflow! ๐Ÿš— Now, you can create and view Nested Subtasks from any task view on mobile.


To view existing Nested Subtasks, click the subtask icon at the bottom of any task view (or swipe up from the bottom) then click the dropdown arrow on the right of a parent subtask.


To create a new Nested Subtask, click the + button on the right of any parent subtask! To add an additional Nested Subtask under a parent subtask with existing subtask children, just long press on the parent subtask!


Pro Tip: Additional quick actions (Assign & Delete) can also be found by long-pressing on subtasks!



iOS Home Screen Quick Actions

On the go and need to quickly create a new task or set a reminder? ๐Ÿƒ We've got you covered! ๐Ÿ˜Ž With this improvement, you can now simply long-press on the ClickUp mobile app icon on your iOS device to pull up your Create Task or Reminder options! Android coming soon!


Pro Tip: Pair the Home Screen Quick Actions with the Mobile Home Screen widgets for the ultimate productivity on the go!


Optional Favorites & Trending in Home

Tidy up your Home in the mobile app with the option to include Trending & Favorites! ๐Ÿงน By default, Trending & Favorites will now be disabled in Home but can quickly be toggled on by clicking the ... menu in the top right corner!


Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform, weโ€™ve taken extra care this week to put our resources into infrastructure improvements and fixing critical reliability issues. ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Here's a quick rundown on some of the top bug fixes for this week:


Fixed: Submitting a Form prompted a Whoops something went wrong message

Fixed: Closing a task view in Shared with Me opens an unavailable page message

Fixed: Custom Field values were hidden from view on the List level

Fixed: Workspace members were unable to add an email address to empty email seats


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