Release 2.84

Speed Improvements

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet, we took extra focus this week on speed and performance! 🌎 💜

Now you can enjoy improved QuickSwitch speeds so you can get to your tasks, Docs, Chat, and more faster than ever! Over the next few weeks, we will continue to focus on squashing bugs 🐛 and improving performance ✨ across the app!

Bug Fixes


Fixed: Duplicating tasks included attachments in the activity feed when they were not selected to be duplicated

Fixed: Minimizing subtasks did not add them to the Task Tray

Fixed: Comment and email options were hidden in Task View on smaller screens

Fixed: Entering a phone number into a Phone Custom Field did not save without pressing Enter

Fixed: Automations using Tasks in Multiple Lists were intermittently turned off

Fixed: Clicking and dragging to create an event in the Home Calendar did not set Start Date or Due Date on the task

Fixed: Linking tasks to Goals did not add the Goals tag when using the Relationships ClickApp

Fixed: When removing a Dependency Relationship, the icon did not disappear without refreshing

Fixed: Subtasks required a refresh to appear after being created


Fixed: Creating a divider after a numbered list, bulleted list, or checklist changed the last item in the list to normal text

Fixed: Paragraph formatting dropdown menu was overlapped by a text box

Fixed: When multiple users were viewing a Doc, their avatars were cutoff

Fixed: Drag and dropping a nested page did not scroll up or down in the Doc sidebar

Fixed: Creating a new task from a Doc located in a List or task did not include options to set Due Date, Priority, or Custom Fields

Fixed: Embedding Google Sheets with Charts displayed a file does not exist error message

Fixed: Downloading renamed attachments in a Doc displayed an XML file error message

Fixed: When a Doc is attached to a task, clicking on the location breadcrumb for the task did not open the task

Fixed: Pressing tab to indent a selected paragraph deleted the text

Fixed: Embedding a Loom video in a Doc caused the page to freeze


Fixed: Closing a task in Board View would infinitely load

Fixed: Rescheduling dependencies in Gantt View would infinitely load

Fixed: Tasks in Multiple Lists in Sprints were not included in the totals shown in the Workload chart in Box View

Fixed: Changing the name of a task in Table View cleared values from Custom Fields

Fixed: Dependency arrows did not update automatically in Gantt View

Fixed: When creating a new subtask in List View, the create new subtask row would not disappear

Fixed: Unable to click on a Checkbox Custom Field in Board View

Fixed: Unable to expand task names in Timeline View

Fixed: Using landscape images on a Form were cut off in Incognito mode

Fixed: Creating List level Relationship Custom Fields were not available in Board View

Fixed: Drag and dropping a Milestone in Gantt View appeared as a normal task

Fixed: When moving a Milestone in Gantt View the updating animation did not disappear without refreshing

Fixed: Tasks with a single Location Custom Field would not appear in Map View by default

Fixed: Updating Relationship and Relationship Rollup fields in List View required a refresh to reflect changes

Fixed: List View needed a refresh to remove the task description icon when task description content was deleted


Fixed: Guests added to a Dashboard could not be removed individually

Fixed: Timesheet widget did not show full task names

Fixed: Unable to use the Range option on Timesheet widgets

Fixed: Embedding content from certain sites into Dashboard widgets did not load the website

Fixed: Creating Dashboard widgets with Location Custom Fields would select Spaces that could not be deselected

Fixed: Burndown and Burnup widgets included activity from 1 day before the Sprint Start Date

Fixed: Using the q shortcut to show and hide the Sidebar did nothing


Fixed: Subtasks with a Due Date were not shown in Calendar View

Fixed: Views created in a Web browser were not shown in the Mobile app

Fixed: Clicking on the Today button in Calendar View when looking at a Month did nothing

Fixed: Opening a task from a Doc where the task was created from text in that Doc did not open the task in the Mobile app

Fixed: Setting a Due Date with 12 PM as the Due time changed the time to 12 AM the following day

Fixed: Refreshing the Home page required navigating to a different location


Fixed: Using a Folder template that includes a Form did not save the List Location for the Form responses

Fixed: Creating and moving Spaces did not update the Sidebar without refreshing

Fixed: Money column calculation did not reflect new entries without refreshing

Fixed: Changing the Status of multiple tasks required a refresh

Fixed: Scrolling through a large number of items in the Sidebar caused the scroll bar to skip further down

Fixed: Using the black color theme, @mentions in Notifications were highlighted in grey with grey text

Fixed: Using Date Custom Fields were showing different dates based on the user's individual time zone preferences

And many more... 🐛

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