Release 2.86

Originally published on May 28, 2021

Speed Improvements

We're still focused on speed and releasing new optimizations every other week (if not faster) in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜

This week, we...

  • improved global search speeds 🔍

  • increased the opening and closing of both Workspace and Personal settings ⚙️

  • made List view search faster than ever ⚡

  • amplified the responsiveness for the Custom Field menu on List view 🔖

  • optimized List Info loading ⏱️

Bug Fixes


Fixed: When duplicating a task, dates and times in task activity were updated to the date and time of duplication rather than the actual date and time the activity occurred

Fixed: Tasks recurring On Schedule would create duplicate tasks

Fixed: Unable to add tasks to Lists when accessing tasks using the URL

Fixed: The button to clear a task's Start Date was out of position and unable to be clicked

Fixed: Tasks in the Task tray overlapped other items when unpinned in Safari

Fixed: Task descriptions of a publicly shared subtask required a refresh to appear


Fixed: Adding dependencies to Gantt view moved tasks to the bottom of the view

Fixed: Selecting an individual task in Gantt View opened the Multitask Toolbar

Fixed: Assigned replies in a comment thread were not included when using the Assigned Comments filter in views


Fixed: When scheduling tasks in the Calendar widget in Home, dragging and dropping tasks from the all day section did not schedule them to a specific time of day

Fixed: Recurring tasks in Home did not indicate that they were set to recur

Fixed: Overdue reminders and tasks would infinitely load


Fixed: The Velocity Dashboard widget included multiple columns for the same date

Fixed: Navigating to the Everything view or Shared with Me resulted in widgets displaying limited information

Fixed: When selecting all Folders or Lists to be included in a Portfolio widget, clicking select all a second time did not deselect all items

Fixed: @Mentions in a Chat widget did not include Teams

Fixed: Creating or updating Embed widgets prompted for a location to use the widget

Fixed: Grouping by a Dropdown Custom Field with number values displayed Dec. 31 on the legend of a Bar Chart widget


Fixed: Using a People Custom Field as an Automation Trigger did not allow you to select None when the field was empty

Fixed: Automations with Custom Fields stopped working when new Custom Fields were added

Fixed: When editing an existing Automation, Trigger details were hidden

Fixed: The Actions dropdown menu showed a technical title for each action rather than a user friendly name


Fixed: Creating a new Sprint skipped the next Sprint's start and end dates

Fixed: GitLab repositories were intermittently disconnected from Spaces

Fixed: When viewing Notifications in Simple Layout, clicking on a Space did not navigate to the Space

Fixed: When clicking on a Space in the sidebar, it would collapse and hide the Folders and Lists located within the Space

Fixed: Using a shortcut to create a task from text in a Doc required clicking Create instead of pressing Enter

Fixed: Numbered lists with more than 99 items overlapped the number with the item's text

Fixed: Improved color scheme when setting up a new email address in Dark Mode

And many more... 🐛

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