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Mention Views, Spaces, Folders, & Lists

Say bye-bye to ugly, long URLs and hellloooo to sleek unfurled mentions! 👋 Now, you have the ability to visualize your location or view as a mention—icon and all! 🤤


This improvement makes it easier than ever to see which location or view is being mentioned without taking up too much space. Plus, you also have the ability to quickly embed a view without leaving your keyboard! Once you paste your URL to a Folder, List, or view - a menu will automatically appear with the option to dismiss (i.e. keep as URL), mention, or embed! 🤩



Speed Improvements

We're still releasing speed optimizations every other week (if not faster) in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜 This week, we optimized task list loading speeds for List view, My Work section in Home, and Box view. That means you can expect smoother scrolling on long List views + see tasks appear faster than ever!



Bug Fixes


Fixed: The task timer did not change color while tracking time

Fixed: If a guest user only had access to one task in a private Space, they were unable to view or search for that task

Fixed: When duplicating tasks, assigned comments could end up completed when comments were supposed to be completed



Fixed: Switching to a different location after creating or updating a task delayed Automations from applying changes

Fixed: Dependency Automations did not update subtasks when their parent tasks were marked as closed

Fixed: The number of Automations in a location required a refresh to update



Fixed: Future dated recurring tasks did not appear in Workload view

Fixed: Printing from List view did not include visible information for all tasks

Fixed: Tag-based filters were not saved when saving changes to views

Fixed: Users with edit permissions were not able to drag and drop tasks to update their statuses in Board view



Fixed: Exporting a Doc to a PDF would infinitely load

Fixed: Backlinks to Docs did not link to the correct page

Fixed: Creating a new comment in a Doc was not saved successfully

Fixed: Doc pages automatically scrolled when adding a multi-line comment



Fixed: Timesheet widgets displayed time entries on an incorrect day

Fixed: Timesheet widgets displayed duplicate days in certain timezones



Fixed: Unable to delete Docs through the Mobile app

Fixed: Unable to open GitHub links from the activity section of tasks on Mobile



Fixed: Deleting an Automation Action removed a different Action

Fixed: Restoring an inactive email account prompted users to purchase an additional email account when they did not exceed the number of email accounts included with their plan

Fixed: Updating newly created tasks through the API failed due to delayed task creation

Fixed: The email settings bar disappeared when sending emails to a large number of recipients


And many more... 🐛



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