Release 2.83

A Note from our CEO

Please excuse us for a few weeks while we focus on house cleaning and quality of life improvements for the product.


Our mission has been the same since day one - to make the world more productive. We realize that speed, reliability, and performance play an integral role in your productivity, so over the next couple of weeks, our engineering team will be focusing 100% of their time and effort on bugs and speed improvements.


While all bugs are important, we'll be putting the most resources towards:

  • Automation Bugs

  • Dashboard Bugs

  • Doc Bugs

  • Speed Improvements

We're committed to getting ClickUp to a place where you feel confident in our performance and experience. As always, please let us know of any issues you're encountering on our Canny board. I check this every day and will be updating you all of any progress we make.


Thanks so much for your continued support.


Zeb 💜


Make Bulk Edits in Gantt View

Ever had a project's scope or deadline change? 😅 We've definitely been there, and manually adjusting each task individually on your Gantt view to reflect the update is not the best use of time...


Luckily, now you can edit tasks in bulk without ever leaving your Gantt view!

Just hover over the tasks you'd like to edit and click the task selector on the left side, then use the Multitask Toolbar to make your edits—add watchers, switch out assignees, change time estimates, and more!


If you're simply looking to make bulk edits to the due date, drag-and-drop those tasks to the correct dates on the Gantt view. Easy peezy lemon squeezy! 🍋



Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make ClickUp the most reliable productivity platform on the planet, we took extra focus this week on eliminating hundreds of bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:



Fixed: Task names did not show in Gantt view when the duration was short and the time period was set to Month or Year

Fixed: Resolving all subtasks or nested subtasks from List view did not resolve all of them when subtasks are expanded

Fixed: Unable to right-click on subtasks when in Board view

Fixed: Gantt view did not update when deleting a task in the view

Fixed: Marking a task as a Milestone resulted in an error code

Fixed: Unable to view closed tasks when in Gantt view


Task View

Fixed: Unable to convert tasks to subtasks or vice versa within Task view

Fixed: Some content in Task view was displayed off-screen when shared publicly

Fixed: Unable to preview attachments from within Task view

Fixed: Unable to select multiple subtasks with shift + click



Fixed: Doc content would not sync when working between multiple browser windows

Fixed: Doc Mentions did not show the full Doc name when mentioned in a task

Fixed: Selecting and deleting images in Docs deleted the text in front of the image

Fixed: Avatars for who was viewing a Doc were hidden from review

Fixed: Blocks were unable to be moved in Docs with the drag handle



Fixed: Exporting the Time Reporting widget in Dashboards would infinitely load

Fixed: Adding a filter to a Timesheet widget cleared the People setting on the widget

Fixed: Embed widgets showed up as the smallest size in Dashboards

Fixed: Unable to collapse groupings in a Task List widget



Fixed: Clearing a Doc notification crashed the mobile app

Fixed: Refreshing Home caused the app to infinitely load

Fixed: Loading new notifications displayed multiple loading indicators

Fixed: Tasks with a start date and a due date did not show up on Calendar view

Fixed: Unable to share Apple notes to ClickUp through the mobile app

Fixed: Fixed multiple issues of alignment and spacing across the app



Fixed: Clicking in and out of a Location Custom Field would not save the address

Fixed: Moving between months in the date picker would skip forward or backward multiple months

Fixed: Unable to unassign a user from a Goal

Fixed: Exporting to a CSV or Excel file would infinitely load

Fixed: Loading a template through the quick create option did not show the name of included subtasks

Fixed: Help menu appeared when using /Slash Commands

Fixed: Tasks with start dates in the past did not show the due date in My Work on Home


And many more... 🐛


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