Release 2.82

View Tasks on Your Calendar by Date Custom Field

We get it - sometimes due dates just aren't enough. 🤷 It's not uncommon to have multiple dates associated with your tasks such as launch deadlines, different phases of a project, event dates, and more!


While you've previously been able to utilize the Date Custom Field on individual tasks, you were only able to view tasks on your Calendar by the regular start and due dates. Well, not anymore! 💪 Now, your Calendar view can reflect those important dates with the new ability to view tasks by ANY Date Custom Field! 😍


This new improvement empowers you to align your team (and leadership) easier than ever on ALL upcoming critical dates. You can even create multiple different Calendar views, each with a different Date Custom Field enabled! Just head to the Settings button in the top right corner on your Calendar view and select Date Custom Field to get started!



Use Grammarly Everywhere in ClickUp

Ready to become a grammar wizard? 🧙 Grammarly now works EVERYWHERE in ClickUp!


Previously, the Grammarly extension would only work in certain text areas, and it wouldn't appear in task descriptions, proofing, or comment replies. Now, you can receive grammar suggestions and spell checks for any text area within the platform! 🚨


To take advantage of this awesome upgrade, add the Grammarly Chrome Extension here!


Note: This improvement only applies to the web application of Clickup with the Grammarly Chrome Extension. Also, Grammarly currently does not support single-line text fields, such as short text Custom Fields, titles, some form input fields, labels, dropdowns, etc.




Other Improvements

Add Time to Date Custom Fields

Previously, you were only able to set a date in custom fields. Now, you're able to specify a time. This improvement functions exactly the same as Due Date & Start Date Custom Fields and allows more granularity for your calendars! 🕐


Select Teams as Assignees on Dashboard Widgets

Ready to take your team collaboration to the next level? Now, you can select Teams under the Show Assignees option in any assignee-focused Dashboard widget! 🎛️

Get a birds-eye view into Team productivity. View the number of tasks per Team and immediately see bottlenecks and manage resources in a glance! ✨


Speed Improvements

We're still releasing speed optimizations every other week (if not faster) in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜 This week, we improved gallery navigation speeds so you can now clearly see when images are loaded and smoothly navigate between images with the arrow keys.


Change Sidebar Layout from Settings

It's easier than ever to change your layout settings! Previously, layout settings would be located in different locations depending on the layout you were currently using 😖

We've ditched the confusion with this update! 👋 Now you can find a new button in your Workspace settings—just click your avatar in the bottom left corner and select Layout size & style! 👌


Uploading Limits Increased to 1GB

We've doubled your file upload limit! Previously, you could only upload files up to 0.5GB. Now, you can upload any files up to 1GB!




Create Folders & Lists

You never know when inspiration is gonna hit, but ClickUp has your back no matter where you are. Now you can create Folders and Lists on the go! 🔥


Let's say you have an idea for a new project. Just open the app, select the Explore tab, and click the + button in the top right corner to create a new List! You have full control over the details, including List name and List location. Now you have an entire List dedicated to your idea and can add tasks and assignees for each agenda item! You go, Glen Coco! 💁‍♀️



We're one step closer to implementing all the features and functionalities you've come to know and love on web into the mobile app. Now, you can access Notepad on mobile! Just tap the quick action button in the center of the navigation bar to get started!



Bug Fixes


Fixed: Custom Field for dates were showing up as different dates when sent from email Automation

Fixed: Custom Field selections were unable to be removed when creating a subtask action

Fixed: Relationship Custom Fields were not setting any value


List View

Fixed: Tasks were shown under the wrong day when grouped by due date

Fixed: Archived subtasks were showing without the option to show archived enabled



Fixed: Template from a subtask were disappearing when a parent task was deleted

Fixed: Subtask due dates were not able to be updated within a task view


And many more... 🐛



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