Release 2.81

Search Tasks by Custom Fields in Views

Previously, you weren't able to search tasks based on the content of their Custom Fields. This was especially frustrating when fields contained important information such as customer names, phone numbers, and more.


Find tasks easier than ever before, now with new Custom Field searching! Just input your text-based Custom Field value into any view search bar! Look up a contact by their email, find client tasks by searching for their website, or locate an email within your index by subject line—the possibilities are endless!


Searchable Custom Field types include:

  • text

  • long text

  • dropdown

  • label

  • email

  • phone

  • website

  • location

This new improvement will save tons of time! No more manually scanning task-by-task to find what you're looking for. Hello, productivity! 👋


Pro Tip: If you're not already, start using Custom Field columns for more flexibility to organize and visualize the task info you need.



Google, YouTube, Figma Embeds & More

Need to collaborate on external resources such as Google Sheets, Youtube, or even a Figma design file? Bring it into ClickUp with an updated Embed view!

While embedding isn't exactly new to ClickUp, we've made it easier than ever to embed apps!


Just create a new Embed view to get started with the most popular embeddable apps! If you don't see what you're looking for, select the Anything option to copy/paste any URL. Even better, you can also create new Google Sheets or Docs directly when adding an Embed view!




Other Improvements

Max # of Automation Actions Increased

Previously, you could utilize up to 3 Actions in a single Automation. Now, we've increased this maximum to 6 Actions to automate your workflows even more!


Note: Automations with multiple Actions are available on our Business Plan and above!


Speed Improvements

We're still releasing speed optimizations every other week (if not faster) in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜 This week, we optimized the sidebar to improve scrolling speeds performance in general —no more waiting for Lists or Folders to load!


Improved Publicly Shared Views in Mobile

Publicly shared views haven't always been the easiest to navigate. But have no fear, visual updates are here!


We've optimized publicly shared views on mobile with a more responsive design. Now, you can see what matters most at a glance including task name, details, and more!


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Privacy Shield Re-Certification

At ClickUp, we believe that your data should remain just that: yours. Although the way your data is processed in ClickUp remains the same, we've made a small addition to our Privacy Policy to reaffirm our commitment to the PrivacyShield principles. This new language states: "In cases of onward transfer to third parties of Personal Data received pursuant to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, ClickUp is potentially liable. Please see our DPA for more details."



Bug Fixes


Fixed: Tasks with templates were not created through Automations

Fixed: Updating templates in Automations would remove the template

Fixed: Automations fired on archived tasks

Fixed: Task variables printed in raw data when creating a task through Automations

Fixed: Unable to create Automations in Shared with Me



Fixed: Changing settings on a Gantt view applied the changes across all Gantt views

Fixed: ClickUp crashed when opening a task from notifications

Fixed: Cursor was not focused when searching for statuses or custom fields in Table view

Fixed: Dragging subtasks in task view showed task ID instead of the task name

Fixed: List view disappeared when moving Lists between Folders



Fixed: Closing an attachment preview from a Doc closed the entire Doc

Fixed: Assigned Comments did not show as resolved until refreshing the app

Fixed: Creating a reminder from the iOS widget just opened the app

Fixed: Unable to complete checklists inside of comments

Fixed: Standalone Rollup fields from Custom Relationships did not display all the required fields


And many more... 🐛



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