Release 2.79

Custom Descriptions for Automations

Do you find it difficult to distinguish Automations with similar triggers and actions in a giant list? Are you clicking into each to see the exact parameters? Well, not anymore!


We've made it easy to identify each Automation. Previously, Automations with the same trigger and action were impossible to tell apart (e.g. the Automation "when status changes to in progress, then change priority to normal" looked exactly the same as "when status changes to review, then change priority to high" in the Automation panel).


Now, you can add a description to any Automation created in your Workspace! Just hover over an Automation in the Manage tab to create or edit a description. You can even see the person who last updated the Automation along with the date and time of the edits!




Sorting in Dashboard Widgets

Ready to take your Dashboard to the next level? 🤓 Now, it's easier than ever to organize your Dashboard metrics!


Previously, it could be hard to interpret Dashboard widget data when sourcing task info from multiple locations! Often, the order of statuses or Custom Fields listed on the x-axis felt random—causing some confusion.


That's why we've added sorting to Bar Charts and Battery Charts so you can interpret and present your data with confidence! We also updated the default sorting of statuses and Custom Fields to match how they're sorted in your Workspace.


Just hover over the desired Bar or Battery Chart and the sort option will appear

next to the filter option! You can sort alphabetically, by value, and even manuallythe possibilities are endless! 🚀




Create Tasks in Home Calendar

Your Home's calendar just got an upgrade! Previously, the calendar in Home was fairly simple. Now, you can show subtasks, view future task recurrences, and create any tasks directly on the calendar to get a more holistic view of your work while you plan your week! 🤩


Note: Showing future recurring tasks & subtasks is automatically enabled for Unlimited+ plans! To turn off, navigate to your Home and click the ... menu option on your calendar.




Other Improvements

Time Session Logs in API

It's time to get more accurate time session data from our API! 🎉 We're now tracking every change made to time entries! Any changes made in the platform will automatically sync with the API to ensure you're getting a complete history and most up-to-date session details! ⌛


Note: Currently, it is only possible to retrieve data after April 1st, 2021.


Speed Improvements

We're continuing to release speed optimizations at least every other week in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜 This week, we improved drop-downs, overlays, and models for a much snappier web app experience!



Bug Fixes


Fixed: Dependencies are not being rescheduled on Gantt view

Fixed: Searching to add Custom Fields in List view returned the wrong Custom Fields

Fixed: Keep fields full width does not work in Form view for Dropdown Custom Fields

Fixed: Unable to search in Form view when Location Custom Field populated an address



Fixed: Links within Docs open in a new tab

Fixed: Unable to search in publicly shared Docs



Fixed: Tasks appear with the wrong time estimate when dragged onto Calendar

Fixed: Google Calendar events improperly displaying hyperlinks



Fixed: Unable to deselect Lists or Folders in Portfolio

Fixed: Images disappear when collapsing threads in Notifications

Fixed: In-line images do not work with the Email ClickApp

Fixed: Members were able to export a Workspace

Fixed: Unable to filter by inactive assignees

Fixed: Clips do not play and display an error message


And many more... 🐛



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