Release 2.78

Collapse & Expand Levels in Gantt View Sidebar

Introducing the Gantt view one-click wonder! 😍 Previously, expanding levels in the Gantt view sidebar was tedious and time-consuming. Now, you can collapse and expand your entire hierarchy or just the sections you need with one click—especially helpful for Gantt views on the Workspace or Space level!


Hover over the level you wish to expand to reveal an icon to the left of the item. Clicking that icon will expand or collapse all levels underneath—down to tasks and subtasks!


Whether you're managing large projects or just looking to level up your Gantt skills, this new addition will streamline your workflow and help you get more work done faster!




Multi-Select Text Blocks

Ready to become an editing wizard? 🧙 You can now select multiple blocks of text at once to easily make edits on large groups of text! Perform any of the same actions you want in bulk: drag and drop, duplicate, delete, copy the link or use the Turn Into feature.  


Just highlight the text you wish to make changes to, then click the drag handle on the left of the first block text to make your changes. Welcome to the new world of block text editing! 😃




Speed Improvements

We're continuing to release speed optimizations every other week (if not faster) in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜 This week, we improved QuickSwitch speed and reduced the bundle size of the app which optimized loading times across the platform!



Mobile Improvements


You asked, we listened! 👂Checklists are now available on mobile—giving you the ability to create new checklists & add to existing checklists. Any edits or new checklists made on mobile will also appear on web!


Note: Ability to drag and drop checklists coming soon.


Doc Searching

On the go and need to access your meeting notes? We've got you covered! Now, you can search for ANY Doc in your Workspace! Just click the Search tab in the navigation bar, select the Doc button, and type your request in the search bar!


Show Breadcrumbs in Home

See more task details on the go! We've added the ability to see the Space, Folder, and List that a task lives in directly from your My Work section on the mobile app! To enable, click the ... menu in the top right corner of the Home tab and toggle on Task breadcrumbs!



Bug Fixes


Fixed: Unable to drag and reschedule tasks in the past on Gantt view

Fixed: Misaligned buttons while creating a new task on Board view

Fixed: Unable to expand subtasks while subtasks are shown "as separate tasks"

Fixed: Unable to check off nested subtasks from task view

Fixed: Sprints column in List view does not populate values for newly created tasks in


Custom Fields

Fixed: Clicking in the URL Custom Field forces you to input a URL when submitting a Form

Fixed: Location Custom Field auto-selects top result without pressing Enter

Fixed: Custom Fields disappear when clicking on an Automation

Fixed: Unable to delete Custom Fields when added to a secondary List



Fixed: Unable to select the drag handle for a bulleted list

Fixed: Comments sidebar blocked by the Task tray

Fixed: Unable to click the drag handle if there is an attachment in a comment

Fixed: Unable to upload image attachments to a page


Sharing & Permissions

Fixed: Converting a task shared with a guest to a subtask makes the guest lose access

Fixed: Embedded Clips in publicly shared Docs breaks the Doc



Fixed: Profile Activity and Activity view are missing activity from previous days

Fixed: Automation Conditions did not work for GitHub and Bugsnag

Fixed: Extra space added when using an Email template

Fixed: Squished dates in the Timesheet widget

Fixed: Sending an Email from a task takes up to 10 seconds


And 62+ more... 🐛



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