Release 2.76

Home Screen Widgets on Mobile

Get organized and take action instantly with our new iOS and Android home screen widgets!    


Add Task & Add Reminder Widgets

Need to create a task or reminder on-the-go? We've got you covered!


With our new Add Task and Add Reminder widgets, you can create tasks and reminders more easily than ever. Instead of manually going into the app to create a task or reminder, now you can create it and fill in your details in one click! 🤩


Both the Add Task widget and the Add Reminder widget are available on iOS and Android.



Today View Widgets

If you want to know what's on your plate for the day at a glance, then you'll love this new addition.  


Get caught up on your most important work with the Today View widget! This widget displays your tasks and reminders that are due today and will mirror how you've customized the My Work section in the app.


The Today View Widget is available in medium and large sizes on iOS and customizable sizes on Android.


Learn how to enable widgets



Option to Carry Over Custom Fields when Moving Tasks

Moving a task with Custom Fields from one list to another? Previously, that meant all of your current Custom Fields had to come along with it.    Now, you decide which ones come along to your task's new location!   


When you move your task, a new popup will ask what you'd like to do with the Custom Fields that exist in your task's current list but not in the list it's moving to. You also have the option to approve or deny each Custom Field individually!


Manage the Custom Fields in your Workspace more efficiently than ever and create less confusion for everyone! 🤝




Other Improvements

Table of Contents in Task Descriptions

Finding it hard to stay organized with lengthy task descriptions? Have no feartable of contents is here!  


Now, you can add a table of contents to your task descriptions to easily navigate between sections and find what you're looking for in a snap!   Just type /tc and we'll magically organize your task description for you!


Create Pages /Slash Command

We're excited to bring you even more Doc /Slash Commands to level up your mouse-free editing game!    


Instead of manually creating new pages or subpages in your Docs, you can now just use the new /page or /subpage /Slash Command to quickly create new pages!


Anywhere you use the /Slash Command in your Doc, your new page will be left as a mention for easy access and backlinking. 🔗


Android Share Extension

Quickly share any image, file, or link from anywhere on your device directly into ClickUp! 📲


Find an inspirational video to share with your team? Use the share extension to create a new task and kickoff your new idea. You can even select the Workspace and List for where your new task will live!  



Bug Fixes


Fixed: Tasks did not show after being created on Calendar view

Fixed: Adding a subtask doesn't update Gantt view

Fixed: Unable to edit view names in Firefox

Fixed: Task view appears blank until refreshing the app

Fixed: Unable to see threaded replies until refreshing the app

Fixed: Expanding subtasks on Board view showed duplicate task instead of nested subtask



Fixed: Unable to open a List after creating a Relationship

Fixed: Wrong Relationships showed up in the Custom Field library

Fixed: Deleted tasks showed up in Relationships on task view



Fixed: Signatures change to HTML when editing in rich text mode

Fixed: Line breaks not recognized within replies

Fixed: Can't edit an email template



Fixed: Reordering tasks on Home removed assignees other than yourself

Fixed: Unable to reply to comments outside of Proofing

Fixed: Due date is not removed when adding a Reminder to a List

Fixed: Dropping images into the comment editor did not work


And 160 more... 🐛


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