Release 2.75

Speed Improvements

Task view

Previously, some tasks took a long time to open. Now, we've updated the way we manage tasks that have a lot of data. This means that your tasks will load quicker and you'll no longer hit a Wallter when trying to make updates.


More speed improvements are coming your way very soon—including task activity optimizations! 👀




Other Improvements

Doc Comment Highlighting & New Sidebar

Say hello 👋 to your new Doc commenting experience. Previously, comment highlights & pop-up modals were invading your editing view. Now, you can enjoy a beautiful new sidebar in addition to an improved UI for comment highlighting!


Comments will appear underlined when you're editing, and then switch to fully highlighted when you click on the text or comment bubble! Even better, the comment sidebar empowers you to respond to comments easier and make your changes in real-time without obstructing your view! ✨




Doc Shortcuts

Ready to retire your mouse for good? 🖱️ ❌ Introducing brand new Doc shortcuts that will change your editing game for the better! ⚡


Now, take these quick actions in any Doc without ever leaving your keyboard:


Mac Shortcut

Windows Shortcut

Create a comment from your selected text

⌘ + shift + M

CTRL + Shift + M

Create a task from your selected text

⌘ + option + T

CTRL + Alt + T

Highlight a text block

⌘ + shift + H

CTRL + Shift + H

Duplicate a text block

⌘ + D





Assigned Comments in Profiles

If you've ever spent time searching for a task to follow up on a comment you left a teammate, then you're gonna love this new improvement. 😍 Now, you can see anyone's assigned comments in their Profile!


With our new Comments tab in Profiles, you'll be able to view & follow up on anyone's comments you or others have assigned to them so you can easily track their progress. 🚀




Bug Fixes


Fixed: Embedded or publicly shared tasks were stuck in an infinite load

Fixed: Guests can't change custom fields when creating a task

Fixed: Users could leave threaded comments when the ClickApp was off

Fixed: Deleting an attachment looked like you deleted the wrong one


Docs and Views

Fixed: Inability to remove a selected task template in Forms

Fixed: Statuses did not update when drag-and-dropping in List view

Fixed: Owner couldn't edit Docs after enabling admin edit setting

Fixed: Refresh required for Rollups to appear on List view

Fixed: Adding subtasks doesn't update Gantt view



Fixed: Email templates were uneditable

Fixed: Remapping due dates incorrectly changed the dates

Fixed: Users without correct permission could use Space Templates



Fixed: Deleted tasks displayed in the Relationship on Task view

Fixed: Relationships displayed improperly in Custom Field library

Fixed: Lists were inaccessible after setting up Relationships



Fixed: Automations failed on infinite loops instead of stopping

Fixed: Minimizing tasks with drafted Emails deleted the draft

Fixed: Tasks show in Today under My Work when not due today


And 110+ more... 🐛



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