Release 2.73

[NEW] Home & Inbox V2

Welcome to your entirely renovated Home! 🏡 Now, Inbox is combined with Home in one beautifully intuitive layout so you can easily access all your important work in one place.


[NEW] My Work

View everything in a more organized way with your new My Work widget! Replacing the old Inbox, all of your tasks and reminders will be grouped by today, overdue, next, and unscheduled. Create new tasks or reminders in any of these groups. Plus, now you can sort each group by status, priority, due dates, and more!



[NEW] Drag and Drop to Reorder

Arguably the most requested feature for Inbox, now you can drag and drop tasks and reminders to reorder them! By default, you'll be able to do this in the Today group, but you can enable it for any group by changing sorting to Custom (Drag and Drop).


[NEW] Drag and Drop to Reschedule

Move tasks and reminders between any group to quickly change dates! For example, drag items from the today group into the next group when you're not ready to work on a task today.


[NEW] Drag and Drop to Agenda & Calendar

Now, you have unprecedented powers to schedule your day, your way. You can:

  • Drag Tasks from any section onto the Calendar to schedule it

  • Move tasks & events on the Calendar to reschedule

  • Resize tasks & events directly on the calendar


[NEW] Calendar & Google Calendar Events

Tasks and Google Calendar events are now displayed alongside your tasks and reminders. Choose which Google Calendars to display and sync in real-time. Plus, if you're using Zoom or Google Hangouts, you'll save more time than ever with just one-click to join a meeting.



Improved Trending & LineUp

We didn't forget about LineUp and Trending! These OG Home widgets are now more organized and more accessible than ever before at the top of your screen. Our drag and drop capabilities also extend to these widgets - simply pull a task from Trending into your LineUp to ensure it gets done!


Improved @Mentions

View and respond to all your uncleared mentions with the new @Mentions button on the top right of the Home screen.



The possibilities are limitless when you can create, rearrange, and see the big picture all in one place. Welcome Home! We can't wait to see what you'll accomplish.


Note: You can switch back to Legacy Home at any time by clicking Legacy Home Screen in the top left corner.


Email in ClickUp: Automations

Email in ClickUp just got a POWERFUL upgrade. Now, you can send emails to anyone automatically as an Action in our Automations Center!


Quickly update people outside ClickUp on the details of your project in just a few quick clicks. Simply select your trigger and fill out your email details - we'll do the rest for you!


When setting up your Email Automation, you'll have complete control over the to, cc, bcc, subject, and body fields. You can even personalize your message using task fields to dynamically change the body & subject of your email based on the situation such as assignee name, task name, priority, and more.


Whether you're looking to send an email once a task's Status changes to In Progress or to notify someone that their issue has been escalated to High Priority, you can do all this and more with Email Automations! For a full list of task fields, check out our help doc.


Note: Ability to add attachments in Email Automations is coming soon!



Other Improvements

Automation Usage Increase

We've increased our usage limit of Automations for Workspaces on the Free Forever plan from 10 to 100 uses! Now you can experience all the ways of streamlining your workflows without worrying about reaching your limit.


Integrately Integration

There's another integration joining the ranks to continue providing you with the most streamlined ClickUp experience. Integrately allows you to connect ClickUp with 300+ apps so you can automate cross-app communication and simple workflows in a breeze.


Calendar Upgrades: 15 Minutes & Move Events

You can now adjust events and tasks on calendars to be 15 minutes where previously the minimum event time was 30 minutes. Additionally, you can also drag and drop events and tasks on Profiles!


Bug Fixes

Recurring Tasks

Fixed: Excluding the option for activity and comments would bring over previous activity

Fixed: Recurring tasks were not including comments & activities



Fixed: Email threads were not sending to new recipients

Fixed: Signature images were misaligned in tasks

Fixed: Email section would collapse when clicking out of it



Fixed: Inability to export docs with special characters in title

Fixed: Copying and pasting in docs wouldn't keep the heading formatting



Fixed: Scrolling was not working correctly in Onboarding

Fixed: Zooming out in the browser would allow users to skip Onboarding steps



Fixed: 'Assigned to' section of assigned comments was not previously clickable

Fixed: Status icon wouldn't update when changing for a task in a grouped notification

Fixed: Git modal was broken in task view

Fixed: Public shared link wouldn't load in Gantt view

Fixed: Remapping statuses step of 'Move to List' automation action caused loading loop

Fixed: Calculation widget was showing the incorrect task count

Fixed: Dark colors were impossible to read in Portfolios

And many more... 🐛


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