Release 2.77

Multi-Line Banners & Icons

Visualize and categorize your most important information no matter how many lines it takes!


Say bye-bye to multiple banners for the same content! 👋 Now, you can press shift + enter to create multiple lines of text within a single banner on any Doc, task description, or comment!


You can also add an emoji or an icon to your banner for easy identification—see whether something is an idea 💡, tip 🔍, warning ⚠️, or important note ‼️ just with one glance! To level up your banner game, just hover over your banner and click the emoji icon near the block menu!


Quick Tip: Use the Slash command /banner to quickly access your banner options!




Other Improvements

Display Emojis in Page Mentions

Add a little spice to your Doc mentions. 😎 Now, Doc page icons will display alongside the page name ANYWHERE it's mentioned! 🙌


With this new visual improvement, you can easily identify your content, especially in a sea of mentions with similar page names!


Quick Tip: To add a doc mention, type @@@ on any Doc, task description, or comment to quickly access your most recent Docs!




Resize Columns in the Gantt View Sidebar

Frustrated that your task details are getting cut off in the Gantt view sidebar? Say no more! 🦸


Previously, you could only resize the task name column. This meant that any other columns, such as status or task ID, could get truncated and be difficult to read. 👀 Now, you can adjust these columns to your desired size in the Gantt view sidebar to fully visualize task details! 🔥




2-Way Custom Relationships

We're continuing to improve on our Relationships ClickApp! Now your Custom Relationships will appear as two-way Relationships so you can easily reference the Custom Relationship from either task! 🔗


This means that when you relate Task A to Task B, you'll see Task A as a Backlink when viewing Task B (plus you'll also see the link on Task A). Now you'll have all the info you need at your fingertips! 🙌 To learn more about creating Task Relationships, click here!


Speed Improvements

We're continuing to release speed optimizations every other week (if not faster) in an effort to make ClickUp the fastest productivity platform on the planet! 🌎 💜 This week, we optimized loading times across the app, including a few tweaks to improve task view loading!



Bug Fixes


Fixed: Filtering by status in List view does not work

Fixed: Filtering by Me Mode in Workload view does not work

Fixed: Time Tracked in Table view does not include rolled up time when calculated

Fixed: Assigned Comments in attached Docs disappear from task view on refresh



Fixed: Creating a multi-page Doc causes the last page to show up first

Fixed: Clicking on a Doc mention in notifications erases the Doc

Fixed: Unable to open a Doc with a public link

Fixed: "Not a task comment" error displayed when opening certain Docs



Fixed: Tables added through the API do not display in the task description

Fixed: Emails in tasks showed two "seen" counters

Fixed: Adding a phone number in the Phone custom field gives an error when calling on the mobile app



Fixed: Opening a task and resolving a comment doesn't show as resolved in Notifications

Fixed: Doc mentions in Notifications does not show the right Doc

Fixed: No option to turn off Chat view Notifications in Notification settings

Fixed: Android notifications bring you to List view instead of task view



Fixed: Using @@@ to search for Docs does not return the correct Docs

Fixed: Filtering out tasks with Time Estimates does not work

Fixed: Unable to comment on text that contains a user or task mention

Fixed: Clearing Dashboard widget filters disable "Show closed tasks"


And 80+ more... 🐛



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