Release 2.74

Folder Colors

You've always been able to customize Lists with colors and labels to communicate their status or connect related Lists. Now, you can apply colors to Folders as well! 🎨


Folder colors allow better insight into the status of projects. Use RAG tracking to determine if a project is At Risk (Red), Behind (Amber) or On Track (Green). Or, select your own colors to help visually identify clients and related Folders to make your Workspace more vibrant!


Any Folder color you've used will automatically show in the Portfolio widget on your Dashboard. Sort this widget by Folder color to easily see how projects are moving and keep your organization on track! 🚀


Note: Folder colors are coming soon to mobile!




Speed Improvements

Speed and performance optimization is our top priority for 2021. We've been working on speed improvements for the past couple of months and are excited to release a small portion of these today:

  • General speed and visual asset loading

  • Dropdown menus are now faster than ever

  • Slash Commands no longer have a small delay

  • Faster rendering of task view (much more to come next week)

  • Faster loading times

  • Faster mouse interactions

  • Speedy sidebar interaction (before, folders were slow to expand/collapse)

  • Quicker rendering of Lists

  • Faster scheduling/prioritization

  • Refactored icons management

  • No more waiting for text editor! Quickly open and display content.

  • Animation glitches, no more!

  • Drag and drop in task list is faster and less sticky

We'll be releasing many more speed improvements over the next few weeks. Thanks so much for your support as we continue to make ClickUp more reliable and faster than ever! 🚀💜




Board View

Board view has arrived in the mobile app! Now you can visualize your workflow on-the-go to quickly identify bottlenecks and keep tasks moving and groovin' 🕺 even when you're away from your desk. 📲🤓


Access all existing Board views in your Workspace as well as create new ones from scratch. Any new Board views you create on mobile will also appear on web.

You can even group and sort the view by all the same options web provides + hide individual columns. Keep your workflow organized no matter what size screen you're using!


Note: Ability to drag and drop tasks is coming soon!




Chat View

Chat view is also now on mobile! 💬📲 Keep your conversations alongside your work and never miss a beat when you're away from the office.


Chat views on mobile operate exactly like on webaccess all existing Chat views, create new ones, react to messages, respond in threads, assign comments, and even switch between different Chat views. Best of all, get updated with notifications so you're able to respond to conversations instantly!




Create Docs

Create Docs from anywhere in the ClickUp mobile app! While the ability to create new Doc views already existed, now you can create Docs from the Explore tab + from the Quick Action button on the navigation bar. 📝


Edit page names and add additional pages to your Docs from within the app. Simply tap the title when the page is open to edit the title or tap the menu in the top right corner to add pages!




Shared With Me

Previously, you couldn't access anything that was shared with you in the mobile app. 😱 With this update, mobile shares the same functionality as web so you can easily access any shared item on the go!


This means Guests can now view any and all Folders, Lists, and tasks that have been shared with them by clicking the Shared with me section in the Explore tab!




Other Improvements

New Automate & Customize Button: The button to create/manage your Automations has moved to the top right corner on all views! Now you can access other customization settings as well from the button's dropdown menuincluding Templates, ClickApps (if you have edit permissions), Statuses, and Custom Fields.



Bug Fixes


Fixed: Opening and closing "tags" caused the tag color to change in Template Center

Fixed: Creating and saving templates was not functioning properly

Fixed: Inability to create a list template

Fixed: Inability to create a task by template in Create Task modal



Fixed: Column calculation was not working in a shared List in List view

Fixed: Subtasks were not displaying on the second List or Gantt view

Fixed: Inability to access required fields due to relationships


Tasks & Docs

Fixed: Task history and time tracking were showing values tracked on different dates

Fixed: Moving a nested page in Docs would send the Doc to trash

Fixed: Inability to change sharing value to all members in Docs

And many more... 🐛


Additional Update: In accordance with GDPR, we are required to notify you that we added a sub-processor, Datadog.



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