Release 2.72

Inbox (Home) on Mobile

Inbox is officially available on mobile... and we've even added a little (productive) twist 😈. We've morphed Inbox into the Home page making it even easier to access work on-the-go.


Access your tasks, comments, and reminders all in one place! In the new Home layout, you can view task sections in a more organized way with individual widgets for today, overdue, next, no due date, and done. Best of all, you can drag and drop to reorder when you choose 'manual' mode sorting.


Plus, you can sort each section by status, due date, date created, priority, assignee, or manual (aka drag and drop to reorder how you'd like)!


This new Home layout and sorting ability is currently only available on mobile 😱 ... but will be coming to desktop very soon!




Other Improvements Integration is the newest way to connect ClickUp with your favorite apps - no code required! This integration's drag and drop interface makes it easy to sync ClickUp data and actions with over 200+ apps and 100+ connectors!


Automate routine tasks using their simple automations or build out a complex workflow with multi-step automations and advanced logics. Popular workflows include creating Google Calendar events from ClickUp tasks, notifying teams in Slack on new ClickUp tasks, and creating new ClickUp tasks for Jira issues.



Bug Fixes


Fixed: Automations were not firing off when Change Assignee condition was met

Fixed: Automations that moved a task to a new List wouldn't update when the task was opened



Fixed: Time Tracking and Time Estimates for subtasks were not rolling up for Dashboards

Fixed: Opening Dashboards was logging some users out

Fixed: Inability to export time tracked widget in Dashboards



Fixed: Inconsistency in displaying new threaded comments in notifications made new messages show as 'older messages' above

Fixed: Performance issue with notifications paging, along with actions



Fixed: Inability to scroll in Goals on Safari

Fixed: Column calculation was not working in shared List

Fixed: Inability to see nested subtasks in Gantt view

Fixed: Start date would shift one hour on recur for recurring tasks

And many more... 🐛



Other Mobile Improvements

Create New Views

Now, you have the ability to create List and Doc views anywhere in your Workspace! When you're viewing a List, tap the List icon to reveal a popup, then select whether you'd like to create a new List or Doc view.


Create Reminders via the Share Extension (iOS only)

The Share Extension has a new addition! Now, you can set a reminder by selecting My Reminders as the Location when sharing a link or file into the ClickUp app.


Task View Options

Say hello to task options galore! Previously, only share task link was available in the task settings. With this new update, you'll have the option to copy task ID, move task, add to favorite, archive, and delete 🙌



Additional Update: In accordance with GDPR, we are required to notify you that we added a sub-processor, Algolia.



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