Release 2.71

Recurring Tasks on Schedule

Raise your hand if you've forgotten to change the status of a Recurring Task 🙋...

Previously, Recurring Tasks would only recur if the task was manually set to a Done or Closed status. If you forgot to update the status, then that task wouldn't recur.


Now, you can choose On schedule in the recurring settings and your task will automatically recur whether or not the status changes! This means even Recurring Tasks that are set to create new tasks will do so without requiring any input from you.


Bonus: We've added a custom Update status to option that automatically sets the status of the task when it recurs!




Drag and Drop Improvements

We've leveled up Drag and Drop functionality in List view to make your workday smoother than ever. 😎


Now, the entire task row moves as you rearrange — making the process much easier to manage! Glide up-and-down to move through sections or side-to-side to indent as a subtask or even nested subtask.


You also no longer have to worry about accidentally creating a subtask as you organize your List! We've solved dragging subtasks between parent tasks.

To create subtasks, drag the task to the right, under the parent task.




List View: Auto-Wrap Setting

You can now expand List view vertically! Previously, bulky content in List view fields would get cut off — meaning you'd have to click into the task to view the entire information.


Now, you can select Auto-Wrap from the Show icon at the upper right corner of your List view to automatically wrap and expand the contents of your tasks to reveal everything.




Bug Fixes


Fixed: Placing task Custom Fields was not working as an action

Fixed: When adding a 3rd condition to an 'Action' data would be lost



Fixed: Bar charts were not matching colors properly

Fixed: Velocity chart line was inaccurate on charts in Dashboards

Fixed: CSV export for time tracking reporting widget showed label Custom Field as an ID instead of the name

Fixed: Portfolio widget was using the wrong Custom Fields for location



Fixed: Clicking on the bullet points option in toolbar would not remove bullet points when there was more than one item

Fixed: Indenting multiple bullet lists only indented one until all were even

Fixed: Content inside toggle was deleted if indentation was applied

Fixed: Inability to preview images in publicly shared docs



Fixed: Space template was not appearing after being saved

Fixed: Task templates were not defaulting to creation location

Fixed: Template descriptions were not saving properly



Fixed: Send Email from ClickApp feature was taking a long time with external replies

Fixed: 'Link an Email' was appearing when an email was already linked



Fixed: Missing option to leave Reactions on comments in Chat view

Fixed: Inability to drag and drop tasks between statuses when the status was empty

Fixed: Publicly shared List view was not showing any tasks

Fixed: People Custom Field was not working for Filters

And many more... 🐛


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