Release 2.69

Bug Fixes

2021 is off to a bug-smashing start with over 200+ bugs eliminated this week alone! Within the past two weeks:

  • The first of two major causes of performance-related problems is a large number of visual elements (known as DOM elements) that cause browsers to eat up memory.

  • The second is related to memory leaks, which refers to areas where our code continues to run, even when it's not needed anymore. We found over 300 instances of this and have almost resolved all of them!

  • On the backend, we found what are known as event loops, which cause degraded performance when you're requesting information intermittently. We fixed the known event loops in production.

  • Our speed team is now focused on tidying up the above items as well as improving click speeds so that actions happen more quickly. For example, when you click a menu or navigate to a new page, you'll see instant changes rather than waiting.

  • Additionally, we've written more than 150 automated tests in the past two weeks to ensure we don't introduce any new bugs or issues into the platform in future releases.

We're currently finishing automated testing that will allow us to release the first round of speed updates sometime in February.

Thanks so much for your support and for bearing with us. 💜 - Zeb


Fixed: Duplicating a List was creating extra tasks

Fixed: Calculated totals did not align with calculable fields in List view

Fixed: Slow loading speeds with a lot of custom fields in List view


Fixed: Task order would reset when moving tasks in Sidebar

Fixed: Space bar was not showing completion of Folders & Lists in Gantt

Fixed: Option for 'color scheme' not working correctly in Everything in Gantt

Fixed: Changing the task status was causing it to move

Fixed: Inability to open up a task by clicking on the task title in Gantt

Fixed: PDF Export for Gantt view was cutting off some tasks


Fixed: Guests were unable to mention users in docs shared with them

Fixed: Opening a comment thread in a Doc location and opening /slash command window resulted in a z-index issue

Fixed: /Slash command modal while typing a comment appeared behind the comment input in Docs

Fixed: Inability to add line breaks inside of table cells

Fixed: Inability to insert code blocks within bullet points


Fixed: Calendar template was giving VIEWS_016 error in Template Center

Fixed: 'Created by me' filter wasn't working correctly for Lists and Folder level templates

Fixed: Closed tasks were not opening when selecting the option to open all tasks

Fixed: After Onboarding, the "see all" button showed template cards that were jumbled in Template Center

Fixed: Inability to set a default template for Table view


Fixed: Workspace points widget was showing incorrect comments added for date range

Fixed: Bar chart widget was showing negative value for future dates

Fixed: Columns in task list widget misaligned in Dashboards

Fixed: Portfolio widgets were not showing archived tasks


Fixed: Relationships were not visible in Task view after refreshing page

Fixed: Relationship table column calculation field was blank initially


Fixed: Expanding older replies showed threaded comments twice in notifications

Fixed: Assignee Filters weren't working on the Everything level in Calendar view

Fixed: Events were not showing in Week/4Day/Day view when deselecting show hour grid lines in Google Calendar

Fixed: Workload view was missing from required views modal in Spaces

Fixed: Public sharing was not working for Board view

Fixed: Custom color picker would close when clicking on it in Mind Maps

And many more... 🐛


Sorting & Grouping in List view

Organize your List view on mobile however works best for you! Sort and group your tasks by Status (default), Assignee, Priority, Tags, Due Date, None, or Custom field. Anything you can do on the web app can now be done on mobile!

Global font support

Do you speak a different language than English or communicate with non-English speakers within your Workspace? If yes, then you're going to LOVE this new addition. Mobile now supports global fonts and special characters!

Change status from List view

Previously, you were unable to change a task's status from List view. Instead, you would have to either go into the task or swipe to mark as complete. Well, not anymore!

Quickly change the status of a task directly from List view. Just simply tap the status icon!

Revamped date picker

Setting due dates just got easier. We've revamped the UI for our date picker so it's easier to use!


Notifications have been combined into activity to make it one continuous feed. No more switching back and forth between your activity and notifications, now you can see them directly in the context of activity. Further improvements coming to remove duplicates and more!

Mobile Bug Fixes

Fixed: List view wasn't rendering all groups correctly

Fixed: Scrolling long lists quickly could cause the view to crash

Fixed: Adding an attachment to a task or reminder could cause some iOS devices to crash

Fixed: Text on home page buttons and the create task button was cut off on some iOS devices

Fixed: Copy/paste did not work when editing a description

Fixed: The select all option did not work on some Android devices

And many more...

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