Release 2.70

[NEW] Email in ClickUp [ClickApp] (Beta)

While email isn't entirely obsolete (yet), we've made it easier than ever to keep all your conversations in one place. Now you can send and receive emails directly from ClickUp tasks as easily as posting comments.


Whether you're communicating with clients on projects, QA regarding customer issues, HR teammates for applicant tracking, or anyone else outside of ClickUp, this ClickApp revolutionizes the way you work by saving you even more time!


Connect your own email

We currently support Outlook, IMAP, Office 365, and Gmail. All emails you send from ClickUp will look as if it was sent directly from your email — no weird forwarding addresses! You can also switch between multiple accounts like your personal work email ( and a general work email (


Create templated responses

Streamline your workflow with saved responses so you don't have to keep repeating yourself. Customer success teams, you're gonna love this capability for sure!


Collaborate with your team

Discuss details with your team directly within email threads to ensure the perfect response, never lose track of what's happening next, and share context with what was said last.


Free Forever Workspaces get 1 free email account with 100 uses.

Unlimited Workspaces get 1 free email account with unlimited use

Business Workspaces and above get 2 free email accounts + Signatures + Templates

Need more email accounts? Add more for just $2!


Automation for Email is coming very soon! Send email automatically when you do things like change status or assignees.


EmailInClickUp.gif Integration: Website Bug Reporting

Find a bug on your site? Capture your screen, add visual annotations, and report the issue to ClickUp — all from your site!


Bug reports created using are automatically created as new tasks in ClickUp. records technical data like console logs, page URL, and browser version and attaches it all to your tasks to help your developers reproduce and fix issues faster!


To get started, connect your ClickUp account inside!




Bug Fixes


Fixed: Reacting to a comment from notifications would open the document

Fixed: Line break had 0decimal message when attempting a line break in Docs

Fixed: Inability to un-code code block by clicking toolbar button

Fixed: Guests were receiving error codes when navigating pages in Docs



Fixed: 'Add comment' action was leaving duplicate comments

Fixed: Creating a subtask action was not working if the parent task is in another Space

Fixed: Automations were firing with Clickapp turned off

Fixed: Actions were not firing when task trigger was "added to this list" and condition was met

Fixed: Placing task custom fields was not working as an action


Task View

Fixed: Duplicating a task with excluded due dates would carry them over regardless

Fixed: Creating a Doc attached to task was counting towards custom view


List View

Fixed: Option to include subtasks when duplicating a task was not showing for MTT or ellipsis settings

Fixed: Tasks were not recurring when closed, until refreshed due to data sync issues



Fixed: Time estimate widget was not showing data when filtering in Dashboards

Fixed: Embedded Dashboard widgets would continuously scroll

Fixed: Time tracking widget was displaying hidden Folders



Fixed: Inability to delete unwanted statuses

Fixed: Tasks using Sprint Point Roll-up was not counted in Box view

Fixed: Inability to convert a reminder to task in a List with required CFs

Fixed: Two bullet points were appearing when posting comments

Fixed: Filtering by location was not filtering out Lists/Sprints

And many more... 🐛


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