Release 2.68

Create Page Templates

We're taking Doc template capabilities to the next level! Previously, it was only possible to create a Doc template for the ENTIRE Doc — meaning if you only needed a template for one page within a 10-page Doc, you had to manually copy/paste the contents of this page into a blank Doc and create a template from there... Yikes! 🤯


This upgrade allows you to easily create, save, and apply templates from a single page within your Doc. Now, you can add a templated page into your multi-page Doc without overwriting everything else! Say bye-bye to manual work ✌️ and hello to a streamlined Doc workflow. 👊




Unito: Full Two-Way Sync With Jira

This new two-way sync makes it easier than ever for developers in Jira to collaborate seamlessly with teams working in ClickUp. Handle feature backlogs, drive cross-functional projects, and more all with this integration!


Synchronize ALL your Jira data in real-time with full field mapping through this expanded Unito integration — including Issue Types, Sprints, Epics, Components, Versions, Labels, and many more. This means you're able to update Jira data inside ClickUp.


If you've ever wanted to deploy ClickUp company-wide but felt constrained by your Jira setup, this integration allows for a smooth transition to ClickUp (plus, buy-in from your IT & Technical teams, too!). Best of all, the Unito integration works with Jira Cloud, Server, and Data Center.




Bug Fixes


Fixed: Space template dates were not remapping to the chosen date and skipping months ahead

Fixed: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced filters were missing from Template Center

Fixed: Creating a task from note wouldn't keep description when a user appended a template to the task

Fixed: Applying a template to created task was not working in Task view



Fixed: Dashboard calculation widget was not counting tasks correctly

Fixed: Activity widgets in Dashboard would infinitely load

Fixed: Calculation widget in Dashboard was not displaying data

Fixed: The Who's Behind widget was not showing any data when all locations were selected



Fixed: When choosing an Active status group in Automations, the Not Started status was being selected too

Fixed: Webhook automation was sending 'failed' email due to special characters in the task name


Task Relationships

Fixed: Display names were not showing up correctly in relationship columns

Fixed: Custom relationships that are available should be added to the 'Add' dropdown so users can quickly add to them

Fixed: There was inconsistency in task relationship 2-way sync in tasks



Fixed: Threaded comments were missing in notifications when posted before resolving an AC

Fixed: Members were unable to use the multitask toolbar in shared lists

Fixed: Inability to click on "Remind Me" on a parent comment from notifications

Fixed: Images uploaded from Files custom field would randomly disappear

Fixed: Guests were unable to load the view at the View All level in Gantt View

Fixed: Upgraded the electron app to support M1 CPUs

Fixed: Drag and drop lines were not showing in List view

And many more... 🐛


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