Release 2.22

[NEW] Sprint and Time Widgets

We've been working around the clock to finalize our Dashboard widgets, and we're thrilled to announce the following widgets are now available:

Sprints reporting

  • Burnup

  • Burndown

  • Cumulative Flow


Time-based charts

  • Line Chart

  • Bar Chart

  • Status Over Time

  • Tag Usage Over Time


Note: Data collection will go as far back as January 24th for all plans. We only store 2 weeks of data on the Free Forever & Unlimited Plans.


[NEW] Custom Field: Files

Now you can create custom fields to add, view, and organize files! Plus, you can view these fields as columns in List view or display them in other ways like a Board view. Attach one or multiple files to a field, or create multiple fields to fit your workflow!


Filter by Custom Field on Everything 

Have a custom field that lives on a specific Space, Folder, or List? Now you can filter by that field in Everything view! Anywhere that doesn't have this custom field will simply be hidden when the filter is applied. 


Task View: Quick Paste Images, Text, and Files

Eliminate clicks by automatically pasting content into the comment box!

Previously, you had do click into the comment box to paste anything from your clipboard. Now, simply open a task, paste (CMD + V or CTRL + V), and it will go straight into a comment. 


Forms: Add All Answers to Task Description

By default, questions and answers from Forms will appear as custom fields on tasks. But sometimes this isn't great - for example, when you're merging Form responses, or when you want to quickly see the entire response and edit it.

Now, you can choose to copy all of the questions and answers to the task description (in addition to displaying them as custom fields). 


Note: This feature is available for Business and Enterprise plans. 


Mobile: Improved Task Creation

Creating tasks on the go just got a whole lot easier! Previously, task creation took up the entire screen and really took a lot of time. Now, you'll find a cleaner design to create tasks quicker than ever! 



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