Release 2.30

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[NEW] Formula fields

No more manual calculations! With formula fields, you're able to make calculations between  numeric custom fields on a task to automatically determine things like the cost of a new product order or scoring for a new lead.

There are two variations of the formula field. The simple version is meant for quick calculations of values.


For those looking for a bit more flexibility, advanced formulas can be enabled to create complex calculations.


Formula fields include over 70 different functions! Soon, formulas will support even more fields in ClickUp (like Dates, Ratings, and Progress)!


Manage publicly shared items (Enterprise)

Keep your privacy in check by ensuring nothing is being shared without your knowledge. 

Admins now have the ability to see all publicly shared areas in the Workspace and can easily turn them off if needed. 


Sticky formatting toolbar

Customize your editing experience and save time formatting Docs and descriptions by pinning the toolbar! For those who always want to see your options, now you can pin them to the top for easy access. 


Docs Linking

Easily see all the tasks that have mentioned a Doc! Now, if you mention a Doc in a task comment, we'll automatically link that task to the Doc, so you can see where Docs are being mentioned. 

Likewise, if you mention a task within a Doc, a new mention icon will appear in the task footer to show all the Docs the task is mentioned in. Cheers to seeing easy relationships! 


Buttons in Docs

Want to make your Docs look more official? Instead of plain links, you can now add stylized buttons to fit your branding. Use the /slash command button  to add them anywhere!


Multitask Toolbar: Date options

Trying to edit a start date but don't want to change the due date? Now, choose which date you want to edit with the Change  dropdown in the Multitask Toolbar!


Other improvements

  • Workspace level Time Tracking/Estimates rollup: Previously, the option to rollup time tracked/estimated was on the Space level. Now, the time tracked/estimated rollup ClickApps are applied to the entire Workspace - solving a common issues with inconsistency in people reports!

  • Column resizing: We've improved column resizing to be more consistent.

  • Subtasks in task view: It's now easier to rearrange your subtasks when dragging/scrolling. 

  • API notifications: When updating API items in bulk, choose not to send notifications.

  • Docs comments: Now when you tag people in a comment in a Doc, it will automatically assign the first person tagged.

  • Changing Workspaces: Previously it took multiple clicks to change to a different Workspace. We got it down to just one. 😁

  • Copy task email link: Speaking of saving clicks, if you frequently copy the email link from a task, skip the modal and copy the link straight from the email button!

  • Restoring custom fields: Now when you restore a custom field, the data will also be restored to the task. 

  • Guest sidebar: The shortcut buttons for guests to access Docs and chats is now consistently pinned to the top for easy access.

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