Release 2.20

[NEW] Zendesk Integration

Stay on top of your inbox by quickly linking, creating, and jumping between tasks in ClickUp and tickets in Zendesk!

Instantly turn tickets into tasks with our new Zendesk integration! Link multiple tasks to a ticket and even copy information to a task with one click. Once a ticket is linked, a link to the ticket will appear within the ClickUp task.


Option to Disable Guests (Enterprise)

Now, you can disable Guests entirely or only allow admins to add Guests. You have three different options:

  1. Don't allow adding Guests

  2. Only allow admins to add Guests

  3. Allow members and admins to add Guests

Note that nothing will happen to Guests currently in your Workspace when Guest permissions are disabled. Guests still have the option to be made into members, but members aren't able to be made into Guests. 


Zapier Start & Due Date Times

Add more detail to your zaps! Previously, you could only set dates when creating an automation in Zapier. Now, if you include a time with your start or due date, it will be automatically added into ClickUp!  


Hidden Fields on Forms (Business)

Easily add information to your forms without input from a visitor via hidden fields! Previously, if you wanted to know something like an email or ID number, you had to ask a user to fill it out in the form. 

Now, when creating a form, simply mark any email, text, URL, or number fields as hidden and they will be captured through your unique URL or embed code.


Add Form Label/Response to Task Description (Business)

In addition to displaying a label and response as a custom field, now you can add the information into the task description! This adds more visibility and is useful for search as well as handling a high volume of forms when you need to merge similar requests together.


Invoice Improvements

Previously, invoices used your ClickUp username. Now, you're able to adjust your name and add any other details you need. 



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