Release 2.24

[NEW] Public List View

Publicly share List views with anyone by sharing a secret URL! Your List views will be shared as view-only.

Keep clients up-to-date, use ClickUp for your public roadmap, or share List views with people that are too stubborn to join your Workspace.


[NEW] Import from Wrike

With just a few clicks, import any of your Wrike spaces into ClickUp! We'll automatically bring over all your tasks so you can say sayonara to having more than one place to manage your projects.


Multitask Toolbar: Custom Fields

Quickly update custom fields on multiple tasks at the same time with the Multitask Toolbar! Previously, custom fields had to be set on tasks individually. Now, custom fields can be set in a jiffy!


Personal Slack Integration for Private Channels

Send ClickUp notifications to your private Slack channels and update tasks from within Slack via this new personal connection! Previously, only admins could set up Workspace integrations. Now, any user can create a connection to stay updated and get more done. 


Other Improvements:

  • Edit Task Mentions on Hover: Edit properties like priority, task name, and status in the task mention hover window

  • Multi-File Attachments: Select multiple images from any cloud storage integration when uploading

  • Duplicate Dashboard Widgets: From the ... menu on a widget, select Duplicate to quickly copy in your Dashboard 

  • Play Audio Files: You can now preview audio files when attached to a task


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