Release 2.26

[NEW] Docs V2

Welcome to a revolutionary and rethought experience for Docs.


Docs Home

Now all Docs will live under one roof. Docs are organized here by category:

  • All

  • Assigned to me (you have unresolved assigned comments)

  • Shared (you and other people have access)

  • Private (only you have access) 


Once a new Doc is created in the Doc Home, it can easily be shared to any area of your Workspace!


Mention Docs

Just like you can @ mention users, now use the @ symbol to mention tasks and Docs! This can be done within a Doc itself or in a task or comment. Use @@  to mention tasks and @@@  to mention Docs!


Docs Modal 

Preview Docs from ClickUp without leaving your current task! This is similar to a task mention in that a preview of your Doc can be launched anywhere it's mentioned.


Create Comments, Assign Comments & New Tasks

Select any text in your Doc to easily create a task or attach an assigned comment to it. Once a comment is added, any replies will be threaded within the Doc.


[NEW] Public Sharing: Board View

The wait is over! Now you can publicly share Board views with anyone with a secret URL! Your Board views will be shared as view-only.

Keep clients up-to-date, use ClickUp for your public roadmap, or share Board views with people that are too stubborn to join your Workspace ­čśë


Public Share Folder & Space Views

Our public sharing feature is growing every week! Now, you can share any List or Board view publicly from any Folder or Space, in addition to the List level. This means that all the public tasks located within those views will be available as view-only.


Searchable Dropdown & Labels

Create a dropdown or label field with tons of options? Now, you don't have to scroll through them all to find the one you want! Simply search within the field to select the option you're looking for. 


Custom Field History

Previously, when custom fields were changed, you had no way of knowing. That's why we added a history! Now, you can view changes made to any custom field in the task's activity feed.


Other Improvements

  • Add/Remove Guests via API (Enterprise): You now have the option to add or remove guests using the API! Guests still must accept the invite before being added to a specific area of your Workspace. 

  • Expanded Subtasks in List View Column Calculation: All calculating fields now include visible subtasks in calculations.

  • Hover Assign to Me on People Custom Field: Simply hover over the people custom field and press m  to quickly select yourself.


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