Release 2.29

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Create Docs from Tasks

Creating Docs has never been easier! Now, you're able to spin up a new doc when you're in the midst of working on a task. 

Docs are created in tasks through the attachments button or the all-new Doc button in a task's comment area. Docs created here will appear in your Docs Home for easy access.



Share Calendar Views Publicly

Public Sharing just keeps growing! Now you can publicly share Calendar views with anyone with a secret URL! Your Calendar will be shared as view-only.

Keep clients up-to-date, use ClickUp for your public roadmap, or share Calendar views with people that are too stubborn to join your Workspace 😉


Reorder Folders & Lists Alphabetically

Organize your Workspace alphabetically to find the Folder or List you need. From the ...  menu, click the icon to instantly reorder! 


Slack: Unfurl Comments

Save yourself from unnecessary clicks! Now, when you copy a ClickUp comment URL and post it in Slack, it will be unfurled for easy visibility. 


Multitask Toolbar: Task Linking

Have multiple tasks that are related to each other? Create a link between all the tasks in one click through the Multitask Toolbar! 


Download All Attachments

Want to grab multiple files without downloading them each individually? Now, download all your task attachments into a neatly zipped file for easy sharing.


Quick Create: Docs & Clip

Quickly create a Doc or record a Clip anywhere in your Workspace with the + button. Once created, Docs will live comfortably in your Docs Home and Clip recordings will have a link for easy sharing. 


When Sharing Views Publicly, Also Share Tasks with One Click

Give anyone outside your Workspace complete visibility! When sharing a List, Board, or Calendar publicly, you now have the option to share all tasks in that List, Board, or Calendar publicly too. 


Other Improvements

  • Dashboard Full Screen Mode: If you project your Dashboards around the office, put them in full screen mode and set to automatically refresh every 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes!

  • Task View Creator Hover: Easily see who created a task by hovering over the date created.

  • List View Status Options: When hovering over a status in List view, rename and recolor as well as manage statuses through the ...  menu. 

  • ClickUp Docs Unfurling: Now, when you paste an internal Doc link, you have the option to embed the doc or just display the mention.

  • Group Tasks by Custom Field in Everything View: We recently released the ability fo filter by custom fields when in Everything view; now, group tasks by custom fields as well!

  • Keyboard Shortcut for Previous Fields: Never leave your keyboard! Now when you're creating a task, use shift  + tab  to move to the previous field when creating a task. 😁

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