Release 2.32


After months of anticipation, thousands of votes, and developers working around the clock... the day has finally arrived for our biggest feature request in history!

Introducing, Automation! 

  • Automate your entire workflow inside ClickUp using HUNDREDS of prebuilt Automations

  • Create your own workflows with our custom Automation builder

  • Add conditions (filters) to target Automations with precision

  • PLUS... you can even add MULTIPLE actions so you can chain Automations together [Business]! 

Here are some ideas for your own Automations!  

  • Automatically assign people to tasks

  • Post a comment when status or assignee changes 

  • When a priority changes, add a tag to the task

  • When due date arrives, change status

  • or create your own! 🚀

Note: Automations are currently in Beta and available on the List level. Free plans have 100 automations per month, Unlimited have 1,000, Business plans have 10,000, and Enterprise plans have 100,000. Usage limits reset on the first of every month.


Slash Command: Table of Contents

If you're writing a long Doc with multiple headings and sub-headings, give an outline of what's to come and allow readers to easily jump to any section with a table of contents! 

Use the /tc slash command to generate a table of contents from your page headings. Each heading will link to the specific page section, and any edits will automatically show up in the table!


SAML 2.0 (Enterprise)

We now support SAML 2.0 for all Enterprise customers! This opens the door to even more options when it comes to setting up SSO with ClickUp.  


Other Improvements

  • Import attachments from Monday: You can now import files from Monday into ClickUp!

  • Copy member ID's: When setting something up with the API, now member ID's are just a click away!

  • Create subtasks from task description toolbar: Quickly create a subtask for the task that you are on right from the toolbar.


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