Release 2.36

[NEW] Milestones [ClickApp]

Keep your projects on track by turning tasks into Milestones! 🔷

This ClickApp can be toggled on for any Space to easily turn tasks into progress markers. Quickly identify which tasks are Milestones by the icon and bolded task name. 


Soon, you'll even be able to view your milestones on Portfolios!

Users on Free Forever Workspaces can mark 10 tasks as a Milestone, Unlimited+ Plan Workspaces get unlimited Milestones.


[NEW] Gantt 2.0

The time has finally arrived... an entirely new Gantt experience is here! 🙌 Aside from enhanced performance, we've added tons of new features to keep your projects on schedule and easily share the status with others. 

Now you can:

  • Export your Gantt as a PDF (Business+ Plans)

  • Identify slack time in addition to your critical path (Business+ Plans)

  • Zoom to fit and full screen option

  • Track Milestones


[NEW] Teams: Assign User Groups

If you've ever wanted to mention multiple people at once, say a department, create a Team for them! Teams allow an admin to create a group of people that could be applied in bulk to assigned tasks and comments. 

Now you can:

  • Mention a Team in task comments

  • Assign comments to a Team

  • Assign tasks to a Team

  • Filter for Teams when filtering by assignees


Users on Unlimited Plan Workspaces can create one Team. Business+ Workspaces have unlimited Teams.


Other Improvements

  • Assign comment from a List view: Now you can quickly assign a comment from the comments column when you're in a List view! 

  • Who's online? [ClickApp]: Toggle on this ClickApp to easily identify when others are online in a task. When enabled, users will have a green dot by their profile picture. 


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