Release 2.37

[NEW] Threaded Comments [ClickApp]

Organize task activity by nesting your replies with threaded comments!

Now you can reply to comments directly, regardless of where it was posted! The reply will start a completely new conversation right underneath the parent comment for a more focused discussion.


You won't need to worry about overloading people with notifications either. You'll only be notified about activity on threads you are part of. This means when you get mentioned or assigned a comment on a thread, you're now part of that thread.

If you don't want to use threaded comments, simply turn off the ClickApp!

Soon, threaded comments will be available everywhere in ClickUp, like in Chats and Dashboards. 😁


[NEW] Proofing: Image & PDF Annotation

Centralize feedback for designs and expedite approval with Proofing! Now you can add annotations and feedback directly to these attachment types:

  • PNG

  • GIF

  • JPEG

  • WEBP

  • PDF

To use proofing, open any image (or pdf) and click Add comments - then, click anywhere on the image to add a comment. Comments added here will be added as assigned comments within the task they're attached to.


Users on Free Forever and Unlimited Plan Workspaces have 100 uses. Business+ Workspaces have unlimited access.


[NEW] LineUp™️ [ClickApp]

We've built a better way to keep your priorities focused... LineUp™️! This is just the start of a new way to focus on what matters.

LineUp™️ is a prioritized list of tasks for each person.

It solves the questions: What should I work on next? What are Sarah's priorities right now?

Now you can build your own prioritized tasks for people in ClickUp. Access LineUp™️ from:

  1. Home

  2. Profiles

  3. Task view (click the ellipses ... menu to add to LineUp™️)

View what others are up to when you open their Profile, and easily add tasks to their LineUp™️ to ensure they know what needs to be done next.


We've got a lot more coming to complete this feature (and automate it).

LineUp™️ is a ClickApp, so if you don't want to use LineUp™️, simply turn it off!


Task View: Search & Filter Activity

Trying to find something in a task that's been long buried under tons of comments? Now you can search and filter comments and activity items within tasks to find exactly what you're looking for!

Add a filter to show only certain activity types like status changes, tags added, priority adjustments, and more! Or, select a specific person to only see their activity in the task.


Other Improvements

  • Add or remove members via API: Workspaces on the Enterprise Plan can add or remove members from through the API.

  • Assign Due Dates for tasks in Docs: Save time by adding the due date while you're creating a task from your Doc.

  • Custom color dropdown custom field: Select a custom color for your dropdown custom field to create your ideal color-coded system.


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