Release 2.38

[NEW] Cycle & Lead Time Widgets

We've added two entirely new Dashboard widgets to calculate task turnaround time! Say hello👋 to:

  1. Lead Time: Time it takes a task to be completed after it's created

  2. Cycle Time: Time it takes a task to be completed after it's started

With the Lead Time widget, now you can calculate how long it takes on average to close out a task from the moment it's created. The Cycle Time widget calculates the other piece from the moment someone started working on a task until it's done (meaning, when the task first changes status or first moves from a Not Started status to an Active status).

Pro tip: Combine this with our new Not Started Statuses for extra precision!

These Business+ widgets are great for managers and engineering teams tracking performance as well as noticing areas where tasks might be taking too long.


[NEW] GitHub V2

With the old GitHub integration, you were able to associate GitHub commits and branches with ClickUp tasks, and it was pretty limited in what you could do. In GitHub V2, we've completely revamped the integration and added the ability to:

  • Link pull requests both ways

  • Create pull requests in ClickUp

  • See the status of pull requests in ClickUp

  • Create branches in ClickUp

  • Access tons of quick actions

  • and so much more!

Some of the additional improvements include CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) - meaning a QA engineer can see if tests are passing or failing for any given push.

To top it off, GitLab and BitBucket are coming VERY soon as well as Automations! 😱


Activity View Dashboard Widget

If you're enjoying our new Activity view, today is your lucky day! Now you can cherry-pick activity information across multiple Spaces and add it to your Dashboard with the Activity view widget.

This new widget is a great way to monitor activity on a project, comments on team activity, or status changes to know how different areas are progressing.


Search Public Views

Currently with public views, you can apply filters and select the specific information you want to be shared publicly. Now, we've added search on publicly shared Lists, Calendars, and Boards!

Find what you're looking for in seconds rather than searching through hundreds of tasks! Now that's efficiency. 


Gantt View: Public Sharing

Gantt 2.0 just keeps getting better! Now that you've created a beautiful Gantt view, share it publicly with anyone outside your Workspace to keep everyone up to date on how your project is progressing.

No need to worry about printing out a Gantt and it quickly being out of date! Simply share your Gantt view with a team or boss and have it be updated in real-time.

Your Gantt views will be shared as view-only, and only available through a secret URL.

Once you've filtered down to the options you want visible, those with public access can navigate by day/month, fit to screen, collapse, and more for the ideal viewing experience.


Public Sharing: Everything View

The time has come... Now, Business+ plans can publicly share Lists, Boards, Calendars, and Gantt charts from an Everything view!

Everything view allows you to share tasks across multiple Spaces, making it a company-wide view! Publicly share the view with clients or executives to allow them access to the whole picture and report across your Workspace.


"Not Started" Status Group [ClickApp]

There's a new status group in town, and its name is "Not Started".

Previously, you were limited to these groups: Active, Done, and Closed. The only problem with this was that you weren't able to differentiate between work that has started versus not started.

Now, you can expand your workflow like this:

  1. Not Started [NEW]

  2. Active

  3. Done

  4. Closed

This ClickApp can be toggled on for your Workspace to easily add statuses like Open, To Do, Backlog, or Pending to the Not Started status group.

Pro Tip: Not Started statuses also help with reporting stats like Cycle Time and Lead Time! 


Default Personal Views [ClickApp]

On Enterprise Plans, avoid unnecessary views for the team with an enormous amount of people by enabling the ClickApp to default new views to Personal.


Other Improvements

  • Doc /slash command: Add a Doc from your task description without breaking up your flow by typing /doc! No mouse needed. 🐭

  • Disable more in-app notifications: We've added a ton of new options for notifications to disable. Check it out in your settings!

  • Drag-and-drop Gantt sidebar: Easily adjust your Gantt sidebar through drag-and-drop to create your ideal order for tasks, Lists, and Folders.

  • Filter for "Next Week": With the new "Next Week" filter you now have a way to dynamically filter upcoming tasks without having to update your view each week.

  • Filter for "me" assignee: Make a view where people see what their priorities are that's dynamic for who's looking at it! With the "Me" filter, you don't have to set a view for every person to see all their tasks.

  • Dark mode sidebar: Turn on "Dark Sidebar" to add contrast for a clearly defined work area and hierarchy.


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